About TECS

Who are we?

TECS is an educational company based in Spain that is focused on providing English learning programmes of four different types:


We are a company that is firmly believes in ensuring that our programmes are the best they could possibly be by continuously improving them year after year. Not only do we believe in the programmes that we run but we believe in the staff that make them happen which is why we strive to create an positive working environment for all of our employees where the pursuit of professional development is encouraged.

Our Story

We were founded in 1997 as a mini-summer camp organisation in the summer and from there we have grown to have over a thousand students during the summer, camps all around Spain, 4 english learning academies, and programmes all over the world. Continue reading..


TECS Mission + Values

We here in TECS truly believe that we run the best programmes in Spain, if not in the World!

TECS Mission Statement

Summer Camp Mission Statement

10 values that make great TECS Staff

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