TECS Story

“El Centro Ingles” was a bilingual school, English-Spanish, founded 1969 in the small town of El Puerto de Santa Maria, in the province of Cadiz in the South of Spain. The school was founded by Linda Randell, and from there grew and grew to be the one of the best bilingual private schools in Spain.

In 1997 her son, David Jimenez Randell, decided to use the school facilities during the summer to run a summer camp, and thus TECS was born. From there on TECS continued to grow having more and more camps each summer. Eventually we started the academy and language travel departments, and we are now proud to say that we have 10 summer camps, 5 English academies and more than 20 programmes around the world.

TECS believes in quality in all things it does and is recognised nationally as experts in the area of English education. We are organising members and an examining Centre for the University of Cambridge, and Trinity examining body.

Apart from a passion for educating, we also have a passion for improving people. Our company motto is “Much More than English” as all of us here believe in encouraging our students, and staff, to continue developing in all areas and not just in their English.

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