10 values that make great TECS Staff

At TECS Summer Camps we believe that as we are in a people industry that our staff are our most important resource to achieve running the best summer camps ever. We put a lot of time and effort into developing our staff, and managing them to be the best they can be in what can be, at times, a challenging environment.

Using our many years of experience we have developed the following 10 values, or principles, that we believe if followed will allow our summer camp staff to best realise their potential and become the best staff they can be, for themselves and for the kids they are responsible for:


  • I am the one who will determine how great I can be.

  • I will always put the needs and wants of my campers over my own.

  • I am the example of how I want campers and staff to be.

  • I can and must always use my power to positively influence any person or situation.

  • I focus on solutions and goals, not on problems and issues.

  • I see and go beyond excuses – mine or others – and focus on succeeding

  • I’m not afraid to seek out help and am ready to support others

  • I value difficult situations as an opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally

  • I value the team: Together we achieve more than I can alone.

  • My actions and attitudes are key to how successful camp is.

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