TECS Mission Statement

David Jimenez RandellSince the creation of TECS in December 1997 our objective has always been to offer the best education and the highest quality of language learning activities for young people and adults. Believing that we can always improve, our goal has always been to educate, train and serve.

This tradition in education is derived from being part of “The English Centre” (founded in 1969 by Linda Randell and dedicated to education as a bilingual school). For decades the English Centre has been the platform that various generations have chosen for the education of their children and TECS compliments this educational opportunity with courses and activities of guaranteed effectiveness.

TECS was founded with a clear intention of continuous improvement. TECS listens and takes into account the opinions of our students, their families, our staff and the views of others outside our organisation. This has allowed us to effectively organise courses and programmes through assessment of current demands. We believe in continuous training and education as the basis of stability and in the daily effort to give our best as an attitude towards life. That’s why our staff members are the linchpin of our organisation and why we provide them with support systems to amalgamate professional development with personal growth, making them feel part of a TECS community.

The structure of the different departments and their managers is designed to address each area and aspect of the business (Summer camps,Language Academies, Language Travel, Spanish in Spain programmes) having their own team led by a director and with all the needed necessary support departments (administration, family attention, bookings, promotion, communication, production and support). We are aware that our work means continuous interaction with people who look for variety, flexibility, and optimisation of resources in a society that is ever more plural and international; which leads us to consider all the aspects that are involved in each course or activity so that they can produce only the best result while adapting to each student’s needs.

The ever-growing advances, challenges and expectations of today are happening increasingly more frequently than before, which in turn requires an ever growing amount of time. This is a challenge that TECS understands very well as an organisation and it is taken into account when designing and structuring our wide offer of courses and activities. We dedicate resources to the development and innovation of ourmethodologies, activity organisation, structures, facilities, course contents and new technologies. All of which nowadays are extremely important in all aspects of life both personal and professional. That is why we progressively incorporate such innovations into what we offer, so that they may be tools which enrich our organisation and the service we provide to our increasingly demanding customers.

To conclude, the essence of a person is his/her education and experiences as they are fundamental to achieving a better understanding between societies in a global world, broadening our horizons while keeping root in our traditional values. If every experience we have shapes us as a person, TECS does not hesitate to make a commitment to all people who take part in our organisation through the courses and activities we design to encourage integral education and training. This is why we continue to work at developing a better and more ample offer of services to both clients and staff.

On my own behalf as the founder and on behalf of all our team we welcome you to come and participate in TECS.

– David Randell, TECS Founder and General Manager

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