What’s a Camp for Schools?

What the FIP are you talking about?

Haha. Well FIPS stands for Full Immersion Programmes for Schools. Basically FIPS are mini camps for schools.

The programmes can be as short as 2 days and 1 night, or as long as 5 days and 4 nights. They usually take place during the week, although can take place on weeekends or holidays. They take place all through the year, but the most popular times seem to be March-June.

A lot of schools are interested in contracting a mini camp like this so that they can

1. Give the kids a fun trip away!

The kids will go away to one of our locations to have their mini camp. Camp is fun. They will do activities, go on trips, competitions, stay up late chatting with their friends, and play with torches. The whole 9 yards! Check out our cool locations here.

2. Improve their English

Remember going on a school trip? Well this is a way for a school to offer a trip to families that is not only far cheaper than popping off to France, but also pushes students English in a Full Immersion Environment.

They will have English classes in the mornings and then will do all of the activities in English. The more English they speak the more points they win for their house!

3. Follows their school curriculum

Apart from learning English, the kids will also have the programme tailor made around a theme that the school has chosen that fits in with their curriculum. We have done things like Recycling, Renewable Energy, Creativity, Halloween, etc. in the past.

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