What’s a Camp for Schools?

About TECS School Camps

Apart from our camps in summer, we also run camps all year long for schools. 99% of these camps are run between February – June and typically take place for 3-5 days. Schools like to send their kids to our full immersion English camps so that they can

  1. Improve their English
  2. Have a fun trip away from school
  3. They can further their knowledge in other areas by choosing a cool theme.

Each year, we look for 5-6 people to join our school camp team and help us run these incredible camps as well as possible. Although we typically want staff to work from February – June, we also love it when our staff want to continue on and work in our summer camps in July and August, and then from October onwards in our English Academies!

Interested? Check out more information below or watch our video:


Why Work on School Camps
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