El Centro Ingles Classroom Assistants

English Centre Classroom Language Assistants (CLA)

Who are we?

The English Centre is a secular and co-educational private school in a town called El Puerto de Santa Maria in the South of Spain. It was founded in 1969 by the Randell Family and is recognised as the best school of its type in Andalucia and one of the top 30 schools in Spain.

It has a unique Curriculum that has been designed for the pupils to be plurilingual, creative, critical and ready for a modern International world. The school has a family atmosphere and is especially focused on values

What is the placement?
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  • You will get work experience as part of our team in the Early Years or Lower Primary Department where we have around 275 students (2-8 years old).
  • You will get experience alongside fully qualified professionals who will guide your work
  • You will help to  provide support for literacy, numeracy and other learning activities and student’s development in the classroom.
  • You will speak English at all times to the children and encourage them to develop their English in a positive way.
  • You will focus on their values and their manners around the school.
  • You will also join in with a variety of different creative projects, help with theatrical productions, go on excursions with the children, take part in our fancy dress celebrations, help produce displays and help organise a large variety of games in the playground.
  • You will help supervise the correct and hygienic use of the bathrooms. This may involve cleaning and changing of the younger children or adequate attention in the case of an accident with the older members of Early Years and Lower Primary.
  • You will also help their tutor feed the children in the dining room and their general well-being in the classroom.

What’s in it for you?

  • A placement with young children is INCREDIBLY REWARDING. They are hilarious, honest, playful and fun. It is a great pleasure to watch them grow and achieve every day.
  • You will get experience of our unique International Curriculum.
  • You will gain a wide range of experience and skills working with pupils for whom English is not their first language. You will be immersed in school life and will form a big part of the pupils lives.
  • You will develop your abilities as a professional with children including understanding their growth and development, interpreting their reactions and learning to react to unexpected situations.
  • You will learn to be part of a large and complex team developing your skills of interaction. You will also develop your maturity as you widen your horizons and cultural development.
  • You will get a year’s experience in the top school in Andalucia. You will therefore improve your skills, knowledge and CV.
  • You will live in a “typical” Spanish. This means you will have a genuine contact with Spanish life and culture and learn to understand a second language en situ.
  • You will enjoy public holidays and have opportunities to explore Andalucia, the rest of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
  • The climate in Andalucia is very pleasant. We have long hot summers and short mild winters.
  • You will live by the beach. Also there are mountains about an hour away by car and you are close to the cities of Cadiz, Jerez, Seville and Malaga and connections are very good to the UK and the rest of Spain and Europe.
  • There is a personal coaching course that accompanies the CLA programme
  • You will be provided 400 euros a month PLUS accommodation in our chalet near the school, rent, bills, internet, basic shopping and monthly deep clean, pool and garden maintenance
  • We also provide you with travel insurance, uniform and a secondhand bicycle to get around town.

Who are we looking for?

  • The ideal profile is that of a young enthusiastic person who has experience or has an interest in acquiring experience of working with young children. Applicants are of particular interest if they are; artistic, musical, sporty or creative as these are mediums that always facilitate learning.
  • You must speak English to a native standard.
    You must come from a country within European Union.
  • You cannot have a NIE number. That means never have applied for/ received residency in Spain.
  • Our Language Assistants must be positive, enthusiastic, energetic, reliable, and dedicated.
  • We ask a lot from our Classroom Language Assistants and in return we give them all the support, training, and knowledge they will need to get the most out of their time in Andalucia.
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Do not kid yourself !

  • Working with young children is HARD WORK. It can be physical, messy, tiring and frustrating.
  • If you work for us it is for a FULL academic year (September- June) and 35 hours/ week.
  • We expect our employees to be presentable, punctual, polite and hard working. This is NOT 10 months of sunbathing!!!!
  • You will be receiving a small monthly allowance that will cover your basic needs for life in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

How to apply

  1. Read fully the job profile here.
  2. Visit our website www.coleci.es and do a bit of research
  3. Email recruitclas@elcentroingles.es along with:
    • Your C.V.
    • A Recent Photo
    • 200 Words on “What are your expectations of your time at the English Centre”
    • 200 Words on “What will be the pupils gain from your being part of the CLA programme”
    • Current disclose and criminal background checks.
  4. If we consider your application appropriate we will contact you to Schedule a Skype interview


I’ve had a great work experience in Centro Ingles here in sunny Spain. I knew very little about the country, the culture and the language before coming here but I have learnt a lot and in a short time I learnt why the people are so happy here. And of course I’ll never forget the laughs I’ve shared with my little amigos in Early Years. 

Jake 2014-16

One of the best years of my life in the most beautiful part of Spain with beautiful people. You’d be loco not to become a CLA for a year!

Jon 2008-9

I made friends that, nearly 5 years on, I’m still in contact with…

Kieren 2012-13

Amazing year of stress-free beach living. Made amazing friends and was accepted into the community with open arms. Still have parents emailing me photos of their kids 7 years later.

Maria 2008-09

One of the best years of my life. Great times and incredible people.

Steve 2005-6

Absolutely loved it! The sun, sea, sand, gorgeous children, fun nights out, strolls along the beach, dancing at the feria, exploring Sevilla, all the lovely people met. It also helped me gain valuable experience and helped me get on my PGCE to become a teacher. 

Debbie 2006-7

One of the best years of my life, set me up for the next 10 and counting! Met some great people, rekindled my Spanish, and inspired me to choose a career in TEFL. A decade down the line (can’t believe a DECADE) and I have a diploma in Spanish and work for a leading ELT publisher! It all started at El Centro Inglés.

James 2005-6

Probably the best experience of my life. Amazing places, amazing people, amazing food, amazing sun tans, amazing parties, amazing beaches……just amazing!! Such a fun programme too. Couldn’t recommend it enough 🙂

Louisa 2006-8

It was a great year! I learnt so much and met wonderful people.

Tami 2013-14

It was certainly a memorable year for me! I made some great friends and visited some fab places.

Kate 2013-14

The most amazing experience ever, met some amazing people, saw some amazing places, fell in love with Spain and its people and it will always have a special place in mi corazon

Holly 2007-08

It was brilliant. Made some friends for life.

Molly 2014-15

Thanks to the  CLA programme I have a best friend for life !! True story!!

Laura 2008-10

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