Meet The Team

Although we recruit up to 150 staff in various different jobs working amongst all of our camps each summer, during the year we are a small group with a huge amount of experience dedicated to making each year even better and getting everything ready for the following summer.

David Jimenez Randell

TECS General Directordavid-jimenez-2

24 Summers

David is our venerable leader and the founder of TECS.
David started TECS in 1997 from a small camp of just a few kids and him basically doing every job to over the thousand kids we have now! Apart from the summer camps David has grown TECS to have multiple academies, language travel programmes and FIPs. David has done almost every job on camp and his biggest passion is “Developing an educational organization that contributes responsibly to society through the development of people”

Mission Statement

Douglas Haines

img_1906Director of Language Camps

22 summers

Doug started working on camp as a monitor and has done almost every camp position over the years, including being: catering monitor, monitor, teacher, Activity Cord and Director and then of course Director of Language Camps. In his role he is the overall responsible for TECS Summer Camps and is in charge of ensuring that all areas of summer camp are running well. Doug’s biggest passion is “educating and instilling honorable values” Read more on Doug’s passion for camp.

Patrick Alvarez

Assistant Director of Language Campsimg_0003

14 summers

Patrick has been working on TECS Summer Camps his entire life. He started as an assistant monitor while still in school, and was hooked from the very first moment! He has done every summer since then in a variety of different positions until out to Spain to be the assistant director of language camps all year round. He is responsible for the planning and organization of our camps and for ensuring the quality of our camp programmes and activities, for the recruitment and staff of our summer camps, and for the training and management of all of our staff to ensure they run the best summer camps EVER! His biggest passion is “making every staff member better, both professionally and personally”

Mission Statement

Inge Hol

img_1921Director of Educational Programmes

15 summers

Inge has been working in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and ELE (español como lengua extranjera) for over 10 years. She started on camp as a teacher and is now responsible for all of innovative language learning methodologies, the development of our teaching resources and for ensuring high quality language learning programmes. Inge’s biggest passion is “getting students to believe in themselves

Mission Statement

Enrique “Kike” Bodega

Director of Welfare and Parental Communicationkike-bodega-2

12 summers

Kike first started out on TECS Summer Camps as a camper back in 2008! From there he got the inspiration to want to give back to campers what he himself had received from his monitors and teachers. Kike is now responsible for overseeing the welfare care and health of all of our campers, and also for all communication with parents. Kike’s biggest passion is “ensuring kids have a caring and supportive environment”.

Mission Statement

Gill Thompson

Gill Thompson

Director of Logistics

24 summers

Gill started of in the very first year of TECS Summer Camps and has worked every summer since then. She has been a teacher, coordinator, director and is now the central office responsible for the setting up and materials for all over camps, the coordination with our external suppliers and for general logistics. Gill’s biggest passion is “helping others to succeed and work harmoniously together”.

Jenny Galligan

Summer Camp Year-Round Coordinator + TECS Puerto DirectorJennifer Galligan

7 summers

Jenny started off in camp as a monitor and has worked her way up to be an activity coordinator, camp director, and now this year she has taken her passion for what summer camp can do and is the Summer Camp Year-Round Coordinator. She is responsible for running the school camp programmes, recruiting and interviewing summer camp staff, and generally getting everything ready for this summer!

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