Background Information:

TECS is a sister company of The Educational Group “El Centro Inglés/The English Centre”, an international school with over 45 years of experience in English-Spanish bilingual education.  TECS is an active member of the Association of Language Centres in Andalucia (ACEIA) as well as the national Federation of Language Centres (FECEI). We are the centre of reference in the province of Cadiz for the Trinity ESOL exams and are a preparation Centre for the University of Cambridge ESOL exams.  TECS has been steadily growing over the 14 years, offering academic foreign language classes of English, Spanish, French and German as well as total immersion summer camps and language travel programs. We succeed each year in teaching more than 2000 students to communicate in a new language.  We have made a commitment to be a “learning school” where learning happens at all levels: among students, staff and management and TECS is characterized by being a forward-thinking and dynamic organization.



We have four language centres located on the Costa de la Luz in the southwest of Spain.  Two of our centres: our Central language centre and offices, and our TECS Spark centre are located in El Puerto de Santa Maria, a lively town of approximately 90,000 overlooking the Bay of Cádiz and which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country as well as numerous historical points of interest. El Puerto is accessible by railway from Sevilla, Jerez and Cádiz.  Our third centre is located in the bustling city of Cádiz with a population of approximately 125,000.  We are based in the educational centre San Ignacio de los Salesianos easily accessible by bus or by train (at the “Segunda Aguada” stop). Our fourth centre is located in historical Jerez de la Frontera with a population of approximately 215,000.  We are based in the educational centre Jesus-María El Cuco on the north end of the city near the Feria grounds, easily accessible by train and bus.


Academy Classes:

Class sizes at TECS range from 6 to 12 students with classes of all levels, from beginners to proficiency.  We also can have some smaller group classes of 3-5 students in a class.  We accept students from age 4 and up.  Classes are an hour or an hour and a half in length, two or three times a week with semi-optional reinforcement, games and conversation classes on Fridays. On Saturday mornings in our TECS–Central centre in El Puerto de Santa María, we offer “Fun with English” sessions for young learners as well as conversation and learning support sessions for adults.  Class timetables vary depending on the TECS centre. Required block teaching hours in our centres are as follows:

  • El Puerto Central 5:30pm-10:00pm (Monday to Thursday and until 9pm on Fridays)
  • Cádiz 3:45pm – 9:15pm (Monday to Friday)
  • Jerez 3:45pm-9:15pm (Monday to Friday)


In addition to this afternoon timetable, TECS teachers teach at least one morning class which can be a group or individual student and can be either onsite or offsite.  Teachers must provide their own transport to offsite classes.

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