English Academy + Camp Teacher

English Academy + Camp Teacher 2023


About the Position

We are looking for one young dynamic person, who is looking to develop himself or herself as a teacher, to join our team in around February. This person will have two main responsibilities:

  1. English Academy Classes

Our main English academy is located in El Puerto de Santa Maria, and here we offer English classes to children, teenagers and adults each evening. In this role you would be trained and prepared to able to teach and plan 2-4 hours of class each evening (They start at approximately 17:30).

  1. School Camp Classes

Approximately 2-3 times a month we will have a school sign up to do a mini immersion English camp with us for 2-3 days. Whenever we had one of these, you would teach approximately 3 hours of class on the camp (usually between 10:00-13:00). You will need to drive to these camps, they are approximately a 60-80 minute drive from our base. The company car will be provided for this purpose, so it will incur no additional cost to you.

  1. Saturday “Fun with English” sessions

Each Saturday morning, we offer “Fun with English” sessions between 10:00-13:30 where kids from our English academy can come to play games, sports and do arts & crafts in English. You would work every Saturday bar one (and bar whenever we don’t offer the classes due to bank holidays)

For those interested, we would love to offer positions on our summer camps in July and August. With our ongoing training and development, we hope that you will be prepared to either become a full TEFL teacher on one of our summer camps, or possibly be a TEFL Coordinator; a position whereby you would be a manager of a team of up to 20 staff.

What type of people are we looking for?

In general all candidates should be full of energy and be looking for work to be a passionate part of their life. All candidate should also have an interest in language learning, working with children, and enjoy working in a people industry.  They must be someone who takes pride in their work and has a real ambition to be good at what they do.  Also, to fit into our ethics, they should be someone who gets a genuine buzz from triumphing in their tasks.  We are looking for people to take the company forward rather than maintain, so definitely all TECS Staff should be people aren’t afraid of hard work in an enjoyable environment.  We believe we are good at spotting talent in people so don’t be afraid apply online now and join our team 🙂

This position is perfect for candidates who are wishing to gain experience in teaching, and who wish to come to Spain. All perspective candidates should be young (or young at heart), with a desire to utilise and develop organisational skills in a fast moving, dynamic environment. Candidates should be ambitious and have a keen interest in working with children.

Also applicants with a keen interest in personal and professional development may find this a rewarding position as we keenly promote applicants taking on additional responsibilities and believe ourselves (as past applicants have confirmed) to be a good company for provided skill and knowledge development for suitable, motivated individuals.

Job Role and Responsibilities


  1. Ensure the safety and well-being of our students at all times.
  2. Commit to professional development through continued learning and mutual support and feedback.
  3. Maintain a high standard in personal grooming and dress appropriately for the work you are doing.
  4. Look after students’ welfare, make sure to be aware of any issues and try and resolve these as best as possible.
  5. Ensure the safety and well-being of our students at all times.


  1. Teach up to 4 hours of class in our El Puerto de Santa Maria English Academy Monday-Friday.
  2. Make sure that students in class never revert to Spanish and if you speak Spanish don’t use this in class with the students. At TECS we believe in a 100% English environment in our English academy. Any student–teacher and student–student interaction should always be in English at all times during class time.
  3. Liaise with the Centre Manager on matters connected with student progress, absences, welfare and behaviour and record incidents through our online observation registration system.
  4. Prepare professional and effective lesson plans based on the year’s syllabus and the students’ needs.
  5. Prepare the students for their external exams depending on their age and level, most notable Cambridge and Trinity exams.
  6. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the first class to set up classroom and board and have all materials prepared for when students arrive.
  7. Monitor the progress of the students, giving periodic progress checks, keeping a record of progress made, correcting students work in both activity books and notebooks and completing reports at the end of each trimester.
  8. Will also have 5 hours assigned each week to assist the Centre manager with any administrative tasks.
  9. Do any admin tasks related to teaching, including:
    1. Writing individual student reports at the end of each trimester;
    2. Do tutorials with all students twice a year;
    3. Complete student attendance, student evaluation and lesson contents sheet after each lesson;
    4. Update internal communication system with student issues or follow up minimally weekly and more often when needed.
  10. Commit to professional development through continued learning and mutual support, classroom observations and feedback.
  11. Help out in the organizing and running of certain academy events, including:
    1. Trinity awards ceremony;
    2. Parents’ nights (3 times a year) and 1-to-1 tutorials with parents (whenever needed);
    3. Special events, such as Easter egg hunt and the end of year party.
  12. Supervision of external exams held in our centres.
  13. Attend any teacher meetings or teacher development sessions as scheduled.
  14. Work each Saturday between 10:00-13:30 bar one Saturday a month (and bar whenever we don’t offer the classes due to bank holidays)


  1. Teach up to 4 hours of English as a Foreign Language to an allocated group of around 10-15 children. (The age and level of the group will be determined before the Camp and communicated to you to assist in your planning.)
  2. Plan and organise above-mentioned classes
  3. Monitor the progress of the students and keep a record of progress.
  4. Teachers with driving licenses will be asked to drive the company car to and from the camp.


Monday-Friday candidates will teach up to 4 hours of EFL class in our English Academy between 17:30-22:00. They will also have one hour each day to assist the Centre Manager with admin tasks. Each Saturday bar one a month (and bar whenever we don’t offer the classes due to bank holidays), they will also run games and activities between 10:00-13:30.

2-3 times a month we will also have school camps. Whenever there is a camp you will teach 3-4 hours of class in the morning during the days of camp. These camps may take place over a weekend ie) you may have to teach on a Saturday or Sunday morning (although this is unusual).

What we’re looking for: Requirements + Knowledge/Skills



  1. An EU passport or Spanish residence / work permit.


  1. CELTA or TRINITY TESOL certificate (pass B preferred) or equivalent. We may make an exception for someone with a teaching degree or someone with exceptional past experience with children.
  2. College/University Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  3. Full EU Driving License.



  1. Experience of working with children.


  1. Teaching or TEFL experience
  2.  Summer camp experience, but not essential.
  3. Experience of organising activities for small groups of children and preferred experience of working with foreign language children.



  1. A positive attitude towards the job and the ability to respond positively to challenges and workload.
  2. A professional and above all flexible attitude towards all responsibilities.
  3. Good interpersonal skills, with ability to communicate effectively and professionally with others;

High energy levels and a young but responsible and mature outlook on life and work.


  • Commencement of Work: February (Exact date can be discussed)
  • Finish of Work: June/July (We can be flexible with these days so if you can’t do the full dates you should still apply.

Candidates can extend their contracts by working on summer camps in July+August)

  • Total NET Wage:
    • Monthly Wage: €683,54 Gross (Approximately €626 Net)
    • July Summer Camp Wage (Optional): €1100-€1250 NET depending on position.


  • Accommodation will be provided free of charge in our company apartment.
  • We offer lunch free of charge to our employees in our school canteen.
  • We offer weekly Spanish classes free of charge.
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