5 things you will learn working on summer camp

Family Camp

Working on summer camp is a great learning experience, both professionally and personally. Professionally, you learn so much about working with children, and about how to work in an intense, tiring environment. When it comes to learning things about yourself, there are hundreds of different experiences and lessons that people learn during their time on camp – but often when the four or eight weeks come to an end, many staff have the same comments about what they have learnt about themselves.

You learn confidence

Working on summer camp gives you a great confidence boost, and shows you that you have always had self belief within you. On summer camp, it is part of your job to sing songs in front of 100 children, dance and make fun of yourself, all of which boosts your confidence. Even more so, being able to run sports sessions or teach classes, day in day out, and see the difference it makes to the campers really releases your inner confidence.

You learn to work in a team

On summer camp, you will be part of a big team, all working towards the same goal. Summer camp is only successful if the whole team bonds together and work to give the campers the best summer ever. We place a big importance on teamwork, right from the beginning of our training week, and this continues throughout camp. You will learn how to work with your managers, plan classes or sports with other people, use your strengths to help others, or run a big event for 100 campers as a team. There are opportunities for teamwork at every corner on camp.

You learn how to work with children

Spending all day, every day with the campers means that after working on summer camp, you will have learnt a thing or two about children and what it’s like to work with them. From how to comfort them when they’re sad, to how to grab their attention and keep them occupied, summer camp teaches you all about the many different ways we can work with children. Spending all day with children also puts you back in contact with your inner child, and you find yourself playing and singing as if you were one of them.

You learn to really challenge yourself

On camp, you find challenges pop up on a daily basis, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Every day, you face something new. For some people, it is being away from home for the first time, for others, it is pushing shyness to one side and being outgoing. Every challenge that you face on camp, teaches you something about yourself, but more importantly, you see that you are able to be overcome whatever challenges are thrown at you.

You learn how to have a lot of fun!

Summer camp is a hell of a lotta fun. Working on camp reminds you how easy it is to have a great time! Seeing the campers day in day out, having the time of their lives, reminds you of how much fun you can have. Summer camp can reignite your inner child and change your attitude, so that you leave expecting (and finding!), fun at every corner.