5 Reasons to Work as a Tutor in TECS Land Wales

TECS Land Wales Campers

Our newest (and possibly coolest) camp is in Wales. A small staff, with only one monitor (!) and two tutors, it provides a wealth of different opportunities, and maybe particularly interesting for people who are returning to camp work but looking for a different camp experience.

But what exactly is a tutor and what is so great about this position?

#1 – You get to teach in an English speaking country!

Many TEFL teachers are used to teaching in their student’s native country, and so are forced to try to create an English environment in the class. At our camp in Wales, you have a native English environment just outside the door! Even better, the students are free to explore it at will, and you can use it so that students can really practice what they are learning in class. Which leads on to…

#2 – A tutor can really unleash their creativity

One of the main parts of English classes in  TECS Land Wales is Task Based Learning. Every second day, the classes are based on the campers leaving the classroom and engaging with the native English environment around them. Whilst the basis of these classes are pre-planned for the tutor, their creativity is free to take these plans where they want and really help give the campers an authentic learning experience. The tutor position is perfect for somebody who wants a new teaching challenge that allows them to connect with their creativity.

TECS Land Wales - Caerphilly Castle
TECS Land Wales – Caerphilly Castle

#3 – You get to work in an awesome environment

Our TECS Land Wales camp takes place in an absolutely amazing house. It has an enormous living room with a giant comfy sofa, completely kitted out kitchen, and a great project room – as well as all the latest technologies, like USB plugs. It is a great place for a camp, and it’s an awesome place for you to work. The photos speak for themselves!

#4 – You work in a tight knit team, with a small group of campers

Our TECS Land Wales Team is a lot smaller than our other camps. The size of the team means that you will get to know the people you work with so well, and you will also get an amazing bond with the campers. This is really helped by the aforementioned amazing house – you are all living together in a great house, so you really begin to feel like a little family.

#5 – You work in a unique summer camp environment

Most summer camps run on a strict timetable – that’s what makes them work. However, TECS Land Wales is a hybrid, between a summer camp programme and a language travel programme. The timetable changes a lot, the campers are outside the house a lot, and they also have time scheduled for them just to chill out and soak up the great atmosophere. This makes it a truly different and unique environment to work in – it of course requires just as much hard work as our other camps, but it gives it it’s own special feel and identity.

Interested in applying as a TECS Land Wales tutor now? Apply here and read more about the location of the camp here.

5 things you will learn working on summer camp

Family Camp

Working on summer camp is a great learning experience, both professionally and personally. Professionally, you learn so much about working with children, and about how to work in an intense, tiring environment. When it comes to learning things about yourself, there are hundreds of different experiences and lessons that people learn during their time on camp – but often when the four or eight weeks come to an end, many staff have the same comments about what they have learnt about themselves.

You learn confidence

Working on summer camp gives you a great confidence boost, and shows you that you have always had self belief within you. On summer camp, it is part of your job to sing songs in front of 100 children, dance and make fun of yourself, all of which boosts your confidence. Even more so, being able to run sports sessions or teach classes, day in day out, and see the difference it makes to the campers really releases your inner confidence.

You learn to work in a team

On summer camp, you will be part of a big team, all working towards the same goal. Summer camp is only successful if the whole team bonds together and work to give the campers the best summer ever. We place a big importance on teamwork, right from the beginning of our training week, and this continues throughout camp. You will learn how to work with your managers, plan classes or sports with other people, use your strengths to help others, or run a big event for 100 campers as a team. There are opportunities for teamwork at every corner on camp.

You learn how to work with children

Spending all day, every day with the campers means that after working on summer camp, you will have learnt a thing or two about children and what it’s like to work with them. From how to comfort them when they’re sad, to how to grab their attention and keep them occupied, summer camp teaches you all about the many different ways we can work with children. Spending all day with children also puts you back in contact with your inner child, and you find yourself playing and singing as if you were one of them.

You learn to really challenge yourself

On camp, you find challenges pop up on a daily basis, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Every day, you face something new. For some people, it is being away from home for the first time, for others, it is pushing shyness to one side and being outgoing. Every challenge that you face on camp, teaches you something about yourself, but more importantly, you see that you are able to be overcome whatever challenges are thrown at you.

You learn how to have a lot of fun!

Summer camp is a hell of a lotta fun. Working on camp reminds you how easy it is to have a great time! Seeing the campers day in day out, having the time of their lives, reminds you of how much fun you can have. Summer camp can reignite your inner child and change your attitude, so that you leave expecting (and finding!), fun at every corner.

Why Singing is so Important on Summer Camp

English Day

A key part of summer camp, and something that you are sure never to forget after working here, is the songs. We sing at every opportunity we have – meal times, sports, evening entertainments, excursions, even just walking from one place to another. We also sing a great variety of songs – so many that being only a week into camp you’ll find yourself impressed by your ability to remember so many lyrics, and having learnt them all so quickly! But why do we use camp songs, and why are they so important for monitors, teachers, and of course the campers?

Songs distract homesick or sad campers

It is part and parcel of summer camp that there will be some campers who are homesick, and also those who just have moments of feeling a bit sad – maybe they’ve fallen and hurt themselves, or lost a football match, and are feeling a bit down. But, when a staff member gets up and starts singing and dancing like a crazy person, all of a sudden the camper is distracted! Their focus completely changes, and by the end of the song they are struggling to remember that they were even sad beforehand.

They take the focus away from the food

One of the main times that we sing songs is during meal times. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacktime are all filled to the brim with staff members standing up and yelling ‘This is a repeat after me song!’. Mealtimes can be difficult for a lot of campers – not only does this time remind them of their family, but they may not like some of the food, as it may be different to what they are used to at home. However, when you introduce songs, the campers get caught up in the singing and dancing, and these issues become less important.

They control the campers

Managing a group of campers – be it your class, leader group or sports group – can be challenging at times. Each group will have a wide range of personalities and characters, and you’ve got to keep them all together, and listening to what you say, at all times. A great way to do this is singing songs with them. You wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to get the campers walking in a line, without messing, when they are all singing a song together.

They let us be silly

Perhaps the most important reason – songs let us have a lot of fun, and show the campers how silly we can be! Summer camp is all about making a fool of yourself, and songs allow us to do just that. Not many jobs allow you to have fun, be as silly as you can be and help give campers the best summer of their lives, but working with TECS allows you to do just that 🙂