TECS Land Wales

Key InfoLittle Village Travelling

Location: Ael y Byrn, Mumbles, Swansea, Wales

Age: 13-16 Years Old

English Programme: Authentic English



TECS Land Wales takes place in a fantastic house called Ael y Bryn (brow of the hill in Welsh) in a little town called Mumbles.

Mumbles is a beautiful little holiday destination town beside Swansea. There are lovely beaches and green cliffs. Mumbles is well know for being a nice, familiar type of community and boast of a great eating scene for you foody types.

Ael y Bryn is a house that is owned by us, and was originally David’s (our G.M) grandparents house which has been done up specifically for this programme. The house is huge with ensuite bathrooms, a great kitchen, comfy sitting room, a project room, and two gardens which are perfect for playing a bit of football.




Authentic English is focused on students learning English in the UK in a true or “authentic” way. We do this by alternating between days of more “traditional” English classes and Task-Based Learning classes.

The whole focus of the English programme will be focused on developing student’s language during class and then having outcomes whereby they implement their English in the locality by having tasks that force the students to integrate with the locals.

This will be done by having three different types of days:

Type 1: Traditional Class Day

  • 4 hours of “traditional” class in the morning
  • Activities onsite in the afternoon (Sports, activities, a project, learn how to play cricket somewhere nearby, etc.)
  • Evening activity offsite (cinema, go for icecream, teen disco, etc.)

Type 2: Task-Based Excursion Class Day

  • 1 hour of “traditional” class in the morning
  • Offsite Task-Based learning excursion from 10/11 until 18:00 (Picnic lunch). This task will be something that the tutors will have prepared in class the day before and will have a reflection aspect the next day (Survey the locals, shop for ingredients to make a meal, newspaper buying/writing, etc.)
  • Onsite evening activities (murder mystery, xbox competition night, etc.)

Type 3: Excursion Day

  • Full day offsite from after breakfast until dinner (18:00 ish)
  • 1 excursion to Heatherton World of Activities
  • 1 excursion to Caerphilly Castle and Cardiff for a cultural tour
  • 1 excursion to see the city of Swansea and go shopping, etc.


Activity Programme:

The TECS Land Wales programme is differerent to that of our other summer camps as obviously one of the main reasons why a Spanish family would send their kid to LVT, apart from learning English, is visit the U.K. and experience its culture.

In the mornings the campers will have English classes and the afternoons will be spend doing activities, on trips, etc. The campers will have regular trips to nearby cities such as Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff.