TECS College

TECS College

Key Info:

Location: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Near Cadiz in the south of Spain

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Age: 16-18 Years Old

Methodology: Total English PLUS


TECS College is  located in a house owned by us, in El Puerto de Santa Maria. The students will use these facilities for most of their programme, but will also have the opportunity to use the facilities of  TECS Camp Puerto. They get a great balance between the independent living of the house, and the state of the art, brand new facilities of TECS Camp Puerto.

The house has a kitchen, bedrooms, living room and small swimming pool. It also has a great outdoor eating area, complete with a barbecuing area!!

Staff can easily walk to the centre of town and to the beach. It is in very close proximity to coffee shops and supermarkets.

House Facilities

School Facilities


TECS College is our flagship programme and pinical of our educational journey through our camps. TECS college has the exception to it that it is our only summer camp that is not focus on English learning, although runs total English, but is focused on the personal and professional development of the students. Students coming to this camp are 15-17 years old and have been on our camps for at least 2 years meaning that they have reached a level where they are now looking to the next step in life, going to university or getting a job.

TECS College students are mature returnee campers interested on developing skills that are essential when facing the challenges the future holds them, like how to write a CV or how to face a job interview, but also essential values to reach their full potential, like emotional intelligence or tolerance. TECS college programme is divided in workshops, where the tutors will help the students developing skills within their area of expertise and development projects where the students, after facing a “job interview”, will use their skills to develop projects such as youth enterprise or the student council.



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