Little Village

Little Village

Key Info

Location: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Near Cadiz in the south of Spain

Age: 14-17 Years Old

Competition: Colour War (Blue Vs. White)

English Methodology: Total English


For 2021 Little Village will take place in the same venue as TECS Camp Puerto, which is our base camp as it is the only camp venue we own. Throughout the year, it is a private bilingual school called El Centro Ingles, and during the summer it gets transformed into a residential summer camp. It is also where our main offices are based. The camp is located in El Puerto de Santa Maria which is a well known summer beach town for Spanish tourists in the Cadiz province.

The venue, which was rebuilt just a few years ago, is incredibly modern as you’ll see in the photos below. It’s fully equipped with things like it has its own computer room with access to the internet for staff to use in their free time and for teachers to use to help prepare classes.  The classrooms and bedrooms are modern and air-conditioned.  The sports facilities are also to a high standard and the venue has a superb hall/gym which is excellent for large evening entertainments and for indoor sporting activities, 2 basketball courts, 3 football pitches, a covered swimming pool, 2 padel courts, 5000 m2 of park land, and many other areas for activities or relax.

It’s located just 10 minutes walk from the beach and the city centre. It has lots of bars, coffee shops and supermarkets like ALDI and LIDL just across the road, which staff find very handy. The camp could be said to be a little confined, compared to other camp sites we use in the countryside, but the space is well utilized and incredibly modern.   The facilities are our own, in year round school, and with this come a lot of advantages;


The stand out feature of Little Village is the Total English program. It’s a one of a kind method where students must speak English at all times of the day; between themselves and with staff for two whole weeks. Staff at this camp have extra challenges of supervising English even more thoroughly than in the other camps. For that reason, all monitors are charged with a very important role in educating the children in English even more so than in other camps.

The activity programme in Little Village consists of three main areas – Educational Projects, MultiActivity and Evening Entertainment. Educational projects are run over the two weeks, and examples include Art, Photography and Performance.

Multiactivity in Little Village offers much more than sports – campers get the opportunity to do yoga, lifeguarding skills, karate – anything the monitors are skilled at can be turned into an activity!

Evening Entertainment is a key part of the program, and it incorporates English learning and production more in Little Village than in other camps. The evening entertainments are also catered to a teenage audience – a banquet dinner and fashion show being two of the favourites!

Educational Projects


Evening Entertainments


Little Village runs a pioneering Total English programme which focuses above all on promoting oral learning, with the classes being conversational classes with no worksheets being used or grammar objectives being taught.  Teachers are expected on this camp to produce extremely high level of classes which is why they have more time to dedicate to planning than in other camps and also why class sizes are kept very low, around 6-8 students per class.  Classes take place partly in indoor areas and partly in outdoor classrooms.  In this camp no set syllabus is provided although abundant example conversation class material is, for this reason we especially look for creative teachers for this camp who are capable of planning and conducting conversation classes that they themselves have put together.

Little Village Video


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