TECS Camp Puerto

TECS Camp Puerto (Kids + Teens)

Key Info

Location: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Near Cadiz in the south of Spain

Age of Campers: 7-17 years old (7-9 Sophomores, 10-12 Juniors, 13-17 Seniors)

Competition: Colour War (Blue Vs. White)


TECS Camp Puerto is our base camp as it is the only camp which we own. Throughout the year, it is a private bilingual school called El Centro Ingles, and during the summer it gets transformed into a residential summer camp. It is also where our main offices are based. The camp is located in El Puerto de Santa Maria which is a well known summer beach town for Spanish tourists in the Cadiz province.

The venue, which was rebuilt just a few years ago, is incredibly modern as you’ll see in the photos below. It’s fully equipped with things like it has its own computer room with access to the internet for staff to use in their free time and for teachers to use to help prepare classes.  The classrooms and bedrooms are modern and air-conditioned.  The sports facilities are also to a high standard and the venue has a superb hall/gym which is excellent for large evening entertainments and for indoor sporting activities, 2 basketball courts, 3 football pitches, a covered swimming pool, 2 padel courts, 5000 m2 of park land, and many other areas for activities or relax.

It’s located just 10 minutes walk from the beach and the city centre. It has lots of bars, coffee shops and supermarkets like ALDI and LIDL just across the road, which staff find very handy. The camp could be said to be a little confined, compared to other camp sites we use in the countryside, but the space is well utilized and incredibly modern.   The facilities are our own, in year round school, and with this come a lot of advantages;


The ages of the campers vary from 7 years old up to 17 years old.  Due to the wide age range, the campers are divided into 3 Age Groups: Sophomores (6-9) Juniors (10-12/13) and Seniors (12/13-17). It is our biggest camp with around 170 campers, and is the only camp to have both residential (who sleep on the camp) and day campers (who come during the day, but go home before dinner).

All of the activity programme is run 100% in English and no level of Spanish is required by staff (excluding those working in the Sophomore age group – More info below).

In TECS Camp Puerto the campers can either sign up for multiactivity, where they do a mixture of sports, large group activities and competitions, and trips to the beach. Alternatively, they can sign up for a different activity,  watersports (named “Water & Fun”). In the evenings, the campers do evening activities in their age groups – this can range from gunk night, to Gala Night for the seniors, with lots of Colour War guaranteed 😉

Beach Trips

Evening Entertainments

Multi and Extra Activities


This camp runs what we call a “Full Immersion English PLUS” programme, with classes being run very similar to those of a well run language academy but using our own authentic TECS Files (student and teacher packs), which are two week English programmes designed to teach normal language themes but with emphasis on useful language for summer camp life and of course a big focus on fun, like in all our camps.

These TECS Files are well renowned in the Spanish summer camp industry and there has even been interest from well known publishers to publish the material for a wider summer camp market.  For this reason, teachers on this camp can be confident that they will be provided with excellent teaching material which consists of: Student Packs, Teacher Notes, Flashcard packs and, in the case of some packs, starting and leaving tests.

For all these reasons and the fact that both internet and extra course book material is easily available in this camp, generally TECS Camp Puerto is the best camp for teachers who are looking for well-oiled support mechanisms and excellent teaching material.  However on the other side, because of the very active and hectic nature of three age group programme, TECS Camp Puerto is also generally better suited to teachers who have a strong interest and passion for outside the classroom camp life as the programme demands on teachers can be quite tiring, although also of course potentially very rewarding as teachers in this camp have a very close contact with the students in all walks of camp life.

In TECS Camp Puerto there is a progressive Total English system which means that we gradually insert more and more moments where campers can only speak 100% English over the two weeks, beginning with just English class on day 1 and culminating in the Total English Day at the end of camp.

For our Senior age group, they also choose a workshop before coming to camp. This means that they have classes based on their own interests. Workshops include: robotics, health and fitness, media academy, intensive english, performance, and leadership.