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TECS Camp Gredos

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Key Info:

Location: La Adrada, Gredos, Near Madrid


Age: 8-14 Years Old (8-10 Pioneers, 11-14 Freshmen)

Competition: Colour War (Blue Vs. White)

English Methodology: Full Immersion English PLUS


Our most centrally based camp in Los Gredos is situated on the outskirts of the Spanish capital, in Avila.  This camp is very rural, and so it is more cut off than our other camps and staff must be prepared for this aspect of camp. It has stunning views of the mountains that surround it, and the site itself has many facilities. Staff and campers will stay in cabins on the rural-hotel site. It has a large swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and even a horse-riding paddock. There is also a tuck shop on site that is run by the owner, selling ice-cream, fizzy drinks and sweets.  


The ages of the campers vary from 8 years old up to 15 years old.  Due The campers are divided into 2 Age Groups, Pioneers (8-11) and Freshmen (12-15).  There are usually around 80-90 campers in the first fortnight and about 40-60 in the second fortnight.

All of activity programme is run 100% in English and no level of Spanish is required by staff.  The main sports programme is that of multi-activity, offering a mixture of mainly on-site common sports like Football, Basketball, Uni-Hockey etc. Campers will also get to do adventure activities once per camp.

TECS Camp Gredos has colour war competition and of the majority of our evening entertainments run in all camps and for that reason the camp could be said to have the most active and dynamic competition and evening activity programme, certainly at least the most popular one currently with campers.

Campers use the educational tool, the I-Book, to motivate the campers to speak English and have good behaviour.

Arts and Crafts

Sports – Multi and Extra Activities

Evening Entertainments


TECS Camp Gredos runs a Full Immersion English programme. This means that the classes are only in English, but that the rest of the day the campers are allowed to speak in Spanish to one another (but never to staff!). In addition to this, we introduce times of the day where they can only speak in English, called Total English Time. Here, they win points for their colour war team.

In English class, students do two hour and a half blocks with a break in between. In the first block, students work from a student book, prepared by us and based about summer camp. Every teacher is given concise teachers notes about the student book to help them plan their classes. The second class is more ‘project’ style, usually tying in to something happening in the camp program. For example, if the students are visiting a theme park for excursions, they may create their own theme park the day before in class!

In TECS Camp Gredos, nearly all the classrooms are outside. This really lets the students feel like they are not in a normal classroom situation, and also means the teacher has a lot of space to work with!


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