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Key Info:

Location: Sierra del Brezo, Velilla del Rio Carrion, Palencia

Anglo Camp Logo
Anglo Camp Logo

Age: 10-14 Years Old (Juniors)

Competition: Colour War (Blue Vs. White)

English Methodology: Full Immersion English PLUS


Anglo Camp is the most northern of our camps, located near a small town in the province of Palencia. It is held on a site called Sierra del Brezo, which was custom built to run camps. This makes it, of course, a great place for our summer camps! The site is enormous, and has everything that you need for a great camp. It has a swimming pool, basketball courts, a giant green field, and lots of indoor areas on top of that. It also has two canteens. Accommodation is in residence type rooms, with 4-6 people per room. The nearby town is a twenty minute walk, alongside a river.


Anglo Camp is much like our other camps, that it runs Arts and Crafts as part of the activity programme. It runs Multiactivity, and the sports facilities are so vast that it is easy to run a lot of sports sessions. The size of the site means it is also great for evening entertainments, as campers are able to run around the whole site!

Arts and Crafts and Sports time in Anglo Camp

Evening Entertainments


This camp runs what we call a “Full Immersion English” programme, with classes being run very similar to those of a well run language academy but using our own authentic TECS Files (student and teacher packs), which are two week English programmes designed to teach normal language themes but with emphasis on useful language for summer camp life and of course a big focus on fun, like in all our camps.

These TECS Files are well renowned in the Spanish summer camp industry and there has even been interest from well known publishers to publish the material for a wider summer camp market.  For this reason, teachers on this camp can be confident that they will be provided with excellent teaching material which consists of: Student Packs, Teacher Notes, Flashcard packs and, in the case of some packs, starting and leaving tests. Classes in “Full Immersion English” are divided in first 1.30-2 hrs built around the TECS Files and the second two hours built around the running of class projects and introduction of language for evening entertainments and excursions.

English Day, an event where the campers are only allowed to speak in English even between themselves (in Total English style), is also a very important part of this camp being run once a fortnight and operating around introduction of cultural themes.  Students in this programme are of mixed levels and every student is level tested on arrival and divided between the 4 – 8 levels, so usually a teacher can feel relatively confident that students are of a similar English level.

In Anglo Camp there is a progressive Total English system which means that we gradually insert more and more moments where campers can only speak 100% English over the two weeks, beginning with just English class on day 1 and culminating in the Total English Day at the end of camp


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