Meet the School Camp Team

Meet the School Camp Team

There are lots of people working for TECS year round, from our summer camp team (meet them here), admin department, and the teachers in our English language academy. However, YOU will be the main part of our team our school camp team!

We recruit 5-7 people each year to come and join us in January or February to work on school camps and in our offices – we want young people, ready to learn and ready to work in a sometimes hectic, always fun environment, and you will be mainly working alongside each other.

Apart from our staff team, our school camp team has two permanent management staff. We’re the ones who will be with you 100% of the time; We’ll pick you up when you arrive, and work, train and guide you on your road to being the best you can be!

Patrick Alvarez

Patrick has worked for TECS for 13 years now! He started working in his first summer when he finished school and continued coming each summer of university. Once he graduated he couldn’t come out and work all year round for TECS fast enough!

Patrick is the programme director of school camps, which means he’s the one who gives our camps the global vision. He is largely responsible for tpre-organisation of the camps, recruitment, coordinating with schools, and for making sure that everyone on the camp team is on track to achieve their goals!

One of the reasons that Patrick loves working at TECS is his passion for helping young people develop into better professionals and people. He believes that work is a great place for people to improve themselves in all parts of live (as he himself has gotten from working at TECS), and really wants all camp staff to get the same.

This year is Jenny’s 6th working for TECS, and just like Patrick she started as a summer

Jennifer Galligan

camp monitor, got the camp bug – so much so that she decided to do camps year round as part of the school camp team. She is responsible for the daily running of the camps – from English classes to activities, Jenny is there to make sure it is all going well and to offer you a helping hand when needed.

Sound like a team you want to be part of? Apply here!

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