Catering Staff Job Profile

This page is the complete description and details for the summer camp TEFL Teacher position including job responsibilities, dates, wage, etc. At the bottom of the page you can apply online and download the complete pdf job profile.

Job Overview

Job Title: Camp Catering Staff

Reports to: :  Family Camp Logistics Director and Sodexo Catering Company

Responsible for: Meal times on camp


Meal times on camp are hectic affairs with up to 100 kids plus staff all eating, drinking, playing, singing and chanting at the same time under one roof! Our meal times have a very special feel to them – the campers and staff are used to singing and clapping whilst they eat, and the catering staff have an important part to play in this.

The catering staff are not responsible for the preparation of the food on camp – this is done by a catering company (called Sodexo). However, the catering staff work to ensure that all of eating areas are set up and ready before meal times, to make sure that during the meal each table of kids has enough food and drink, to make sure that kids with special dietary requirements are getting the correct meals, and then to tidy up after meal times. Of course, the catering staff don’t work alone on this – each table of kids usually has at least one other member of staff, being a monitor and a teacher. They help to serve the food to the children, and ask the catering staff to bring them more if needed. They also make sure that the children tidy up as much as possible when the meal is finished (the campers must clear their plates and the dishes on the table).

Perspective candidates should have a desire to work within the dynamics of a camp environment.  They should also desire to build upon their existing skills working in catering within a children´s summer camp environment.  In this position, staff have the ability to practice their Spanish speaking skills, mostly with the other kitchen staff throughout the summer.  Candidates should be young, or young at heart, and be full of imagination and energy, in order to meet the extraordinary demands of camp work.

It is important for the catering staff to understand that their timetable is quite different to Camp Monitors and Teachers.  Catering staff have fewer working hours throughout the day and nights off (where Camp Monitors must stay on site with the campers), giving them more freedom within the camp timetable.  It is important that Catering staff are aware of these differences, as they deal with different types of stress and strain than the normal monitors. We do encourage catering staff to get to know the other camp staff and integrate as they are an integral part of the summer camp team.  This can be difficult at times because of the different working hours and responsibilities, but feeling part of the team is incredibly important.

The kitchen is a fun and dynamic place where one can really learn a lot and have a great summer experience! Catering monitors are only employed in our central site, Family Camp Puerto.

Job Responsibilities +  Tasks

  1. To ensure that eating areas are set up, tidy and ready for meal times beforehand.
  2. To ensure that campers have everything they need during meal times.
  3. Responsible for ensuring that eating areas are kept neat and tidy
  4. To represent the camp and TECS positively at all times.



  1. Carry out responsibilities set out by the Sodexo catering company and TECS Summer Camp. These catering responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Speaking English to campers and camp staff at all times (will have the opportunity to practice Spanish with the Sodexo kitchen staff).
    2. Encourage positive eating habits and attitudes at meal times.
      1. Including singing songs etc.
      2. Working alongside camp staff.
    3. Serving food at assigned meal times.
      1. Every weekday, three times daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      2. Assigned excursion weekend day at breakfast and dinner.
      3. Departures Saturday breakfast
      4. Arrivals Sunday breakfast on a rotational basis.

2.Preparation and tidy up tasks 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the meal time, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. These catering responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Setting tables in three eating areas.
  2. Brushing eating areas of any debris.
  3. Light dish washing
  4. Mopping of eating areas.
  5. Wiping down the tables.

3.Knowledge of camper and staff special dietary needs.

4.Attend regular meetings with TECS Logistics Coordinator.

5.Ensure the campers respect all camp facilities and equipment and at all times be responsible for ensuring the campers uphold the camp rules and regulations.

6.Uphold all areas of the staff code of conduct as outlined in the conditions of contract sheet and be an example to fellow staff of correct work conduct and attitude at all times.

7.Carry out all tasks asked of you by the members of the TECS management team, professionally and thoroughly.

8. Must wear uniform during working times.

9.In times of need, may be asked to assist or cover monitor duties.


Camp work is very demanding and all candidates should recognise that this job is anything but 9-5 living, with long hours needing to be put in by all camp staff.  Catering staff will have time off between their mealtime duties and are free to go off site but must ensure that they are fit and ready for work when they are back on duty.  As mentioned in the overview of the position, this timetable is very different to Camp Monitors and Teachers which is an advantage of this position. Also at times, extra bonus time off will be assigned to those staff working hard and maintaining positive attitudes.

Benefits of Working on a TECS Summer Camp

  • Ambience of summer camp environment- team work and spirit!
  • Fulfilment of working with kids and of managing people in that environment.
  • Professional and personal development
  • Friends from around the world.
  • Sun and fun!


  • Staff uniform- enough so you won’t have to rewash them yourself!
  • Staff events- weekend trips, sport and game competitions during camp.
  • Management Bonding Meal at before camp starts and reward meal at end of summer.
  • Staff final meal – these are big things and for many staff the highlight of the summer so DON’T LEAVE CAMP UNTIL THE DAY AFTER WORK FINISHES.
  • Knowledgeable year round central office management. The top management were ALL once staff members and mid-management themselves at one point.
  • Supportive management structure.
  • Guiding hand on the rewarding path to professional development and personal development.

Job Review and Performance Management

For catering staff, regular feedback will be provided from the Logistics Director and Welffare Coordinator about job performance and objectives.  Also the Logistics Director will be available at any time to discuss concerns or problems that may occur, or to offer support in situations when help is deemed necessary.  One to one meetings can also be arranged with the Camp Director at any time.


TECS runs a year round academy and has a year-round team, therefore for teachers who display the correct attitude and work performance level there will be the opportunity of year round employment with us.

What we’re looking for: Requirements + Knowledge/Skills


  1. Experience of working in a fast moving environment where stress levels can at times be very high.
  2. Experience in food service looked upon favourably, but not mandatory.


  1. Any Camp Catering Staff member must be 16 years of age before the starting date of camp.


  1. The ability to manage continually conflicting priorities in a high pressured environment.
  2. High energy levels and a young but responsible mature outlook on life and work.
  3. A positive attitude and ability to put yourself in other’s shoes, in order to work effectively as a key part of a large diverse team.
  4. Adaptability and ability to think on the spot in what can be at times a highly unpredictable and spontaneous environment.


Starting Dates

  • Arrive on Monday 25th June 2018.
  • Training with Sodexo + Camp Preparations: 26th June – 30th June.
  • Camp Work Start Date: 1st July (camper’s arrival)*.

Wage + Work Dates

We employ staff for between 1-4 fortnights, with the vast majority being for fortnights 1+2 in July. Below you can see the stated contract length (excluding training week). All figures shown below are NET (after tax):

  • Fortnight 1+2 (1st July – 28th July 2018):
    • Net Pay: €550
    • Possible Performance Bonus: € 100 (Ex), € 60 (VG), € 30 (G)
    • Total Possible Pay: €550- €650
  • Fortnight 1-3 (1st July – 11th August 2018):
    • Net Pay: €825
    • Possible Performance Bonus: € 125 (Ex), € 75 (VG), € 40 (G)
    • Total Possible Pay: €825- €950
  • Fortnight 1-4 (1st July – 25th August 2018):
    • Net Pay: €1100
    • Possible Performance Bonus: € 150 (Ex), € 90 (VG), € 50 (G)
    • Total Possible Pay: €1100– €1250

Other Conditions + Notes:

  • Accommodation and food are included in the conditions.
  • TECS believes in professional development and for that reason extensive training is given to all our staff who will be as well trained as is possible for the taking on of all their responsibilities.
  • All as stated above in “benefits of the job”.
  • There will be a special end of camp dinner and party for staff in all camps on the last night of the 2nd fortnight. Staff are permitted to sleep on site the night of their end of camp dinner and party but must leave before 12 noon on the Sunday. For those working in August there will be another end of camp dinner and party at the end of fortnight 4.
  • Performance Bonuses: This is a possible performance related bonus. TECS provides standard reference gradings (Exceptional (E), Very good (VG), Good (G), To Standard Required, Below Standard Required, Unsatisfactory) and believes in reward staff, with the bonuses stated above, should their performance be deemed to be above the minimum standard required (i.e. Good and above). These bonuses will be based on the reference grading as decided on by the camp director. An employee is NOT entitled to any bonus should they be deemed to have done a performance that is deemed to be “To Standard Required”, “Below Standard Required” or “Unsatisfactory”.

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* As this is start of camp, this is the start date which will appear on Spanish contracts.