Camp Driver + Support Job Profile

This page is the complete description and details for the summer camp TEFL Teacher position including job responsibilities, dates, wage, etc. At the bottom of the page you can apply online and download the complete pdf job profile.

Job Overview

Job Title: Camp Driver and Camp Support

Reports to: Camp Directors and, at times, Central Office Director of Logistics.

Responsible for: Site preparation, maintenance tasks, and safety of all children and staff in their vans at all times

Camp drivers and support do just what their title suggests: they are a support staff for their camp and are the ones that will do any driving necessary. The camp support and driver position is one of the positions on camp that isn’t necessarily with the campers directly most of the time (except when driving them, etc.) as they are usually to be found either driving off to the nearby town to buy things, fixing things around camp, lifting and mounting objects, taking photos, and generally helping out with any task required!

Candidates must be enthusiastic, have initiative and a lot of stamina and deemed to have the “camp personality”.  Candidates for this position should be interested in developing their language skills, as in this post, unlike other one’s, Spanish will be required to be spoken.  Candidates should also have an interest in doing a variety of tasks in the up-keeping of the camp facilities, as a lot of adaptability, and at times flexibility, will be required.  Applicants must also enjoy doing physical work as in this position, doing a lot of: lifting, mounting and moving of objects will be required. This position is ideal for people who wish to work in Spain but are looking for shorter working hours (bar set up and tidy up) than those involved working as a Camp Monitor.  It is also ideal for people looking to gain experience working with children without having the twenty four hour responsibility for them that Camp Monitors and Teachers have.

Job Responsibilities +  Tasks

  1. Carry out all transfers professionally and safely.
  2. Pick up supplies and carry out tasks in local towns efficiently and effectively.
  3. Help out as needed with set up, serving and tidy up of meal times.
  4. Be on call Driver in case of emergency or special need.
  5. Be a support to the camp facilities for preparation of the camp, tidying up the camp and in the daily running of the camp.

BEFORE THE START OF CAMP: Set Up and Preparation of camp site

(For the preparation of the camp drivers, as it is a very practical post, during the training week Drivers will collect their vans and then be practically getting used to driving the vans and working on the set up and preparation of the camps)

  1. Assist in the preparation of the camp site on the weekend before the staff arrival, which is physical and demanding work.
  2. Maintenance tasks in taking materials back and forth to the different camps, which entails loading and unloading the vans
  3. Assisting the maintenance team with the practical preparation of the camp area (bedrooms, tents, offices, staff areas and the camp areas in general)
  4. Familiarise yourself with the camp vans (9-seater) and the location of suppliers and of stations and airports where transfers take place and usage of GPS
  5. Pick up staff from local stations and airports on the staff arrivals day. (Very early on arrival)
  6. On a rota basis, act as the on duty night guard whilst staff training is taking place.  This will involve checking areas, making sure lights are turned off and that equipment has been securely packed away and walking around the facilities checking in general the areas, until the deemed time given.
  7. Act as Camp Driver to transport staff for any camp event during this week, as assigned by Directors.
  8. Act as a guard on some nights on a shift basis for the facilities of the camp especially during the staff training week.


  1. Reading the camp manuals,, and familiarising yourself with all areas of the camp before your arrival.
  2. Meet daily with Director to report on duties carried out and receive new tasks.
  3. Assisting with administrative duties.
  4. Act as a monitor in case of need.
  5. When necessary acting as the on duty guard on weekends.
  6. At all times be in charge of closing and locking the camp gates when leaving the camp facilities.  Also, at all times be in charge of ensuring that other vehicles that use the gate also lock it when leaving and after entering.
  7. Set Up of the classrooms on a daily basis; number of chairs, tables and whiteboard for the class.
  8. On Excursion weekends, as there are no transfers, the drivers will assist the Camp Support Staff and Cleaning staff with the making of beds (picking up the used bed linen, taking them to the laundry and then replacing the sheets with new ones and making the beds for when the children get back from the excursion and assisting the cleaning team with basic cleaning.  Also on these days, the drivers will be in charge of charging the campers’ mobile phones.
  9. On Arrival and Departure weekends, if there are not many transfers, the drivers will be asked to assist the Camp Support Staff with the making of beds and very basic cleaning. (as above)
  10. Family Camp Drivers will also have daily pick ups/drop offs of Day students in the morning and evening and so will have a different timetable to make up for this. This will also include not working on excursion weekends unlike other camp drivers.
  11. Camp Drivers are responsible for the correct up keep and cleanliness of their vehicle, and should ensure that campers respect it and keep it tidy at all times.  Every weekend, and any other time needed, they must ensure their van is cleaned inside and out.
  12. Any time they are not on duty, Camp Drivers must leave their keys and camp mobile in the set place in the Camp Office.
  1. Ensure the effective supervision and safety of the campers in your vehicle at all times.
  2. Ensure the campers respect all camp facilities and equipment, and at all times be responsible for ensuring the campers uphold the camp rules and regulations.
  1. Uphold all areas of the staff code of conduct as outlined in the conditions of contract sheet and be an example to fellow staff of correct work conduct and attitude at all times.
  2. Carry out all tasks asked of you by the members of the TECS management team, professionally and thoroughly.
  3. Must wear uniform continuously, green TECS polo.
  4. Carry out any transfer of staff as assigned by Camp Directors.  Never carry out a transfer of staff without checking first with Camp Directors.
  5. As required take campers to local hospitals and if no other staff member is with camper, accompany child into hospital, looking after them as needed.
  6. Transferring materials to other camps
  7. Transferring staff to other camps, for example in Magic Village the burse regularly goes to Little Village, so the camp support would transfer them there.
  8. Possible be part of the Intercamp Competition, deemed by the camp director and in coordination with the Central Office, transferring materials to the camp to Central Office and possibly taking campers/ staff to and from the competition
  9. Try to be involved as much as possible in the activities in camp, always remembering that the job comes first, but if it is possible get involved in the camp life as much as possible.
  10. Ensure all campers have a great time, all the time!

SUPPLIES (Mornings: Monday-Friday)

  1. Every morning, go to see the Director, to obtain the list of tasks needed done that morning.
  2. Carry out all administration connected to the morning tasks professionally and efficiently:
    1. Daily ensure that the assignment form is handed back to relevant person and that person is informed on progress of the tasks.  Sign the task when it is finished.
    2. Refer to task priority part of assignment form and do tasks in the order set by form.
    3. Weekly hand in receipts from suppliers with whom we have an account.
    4. Keep all receipts from cash expenses and hand them in weekly with expenses sheet.
    5. Each day return all physical things, extra money or objects etc, related to an unfinished task back to office and the person who set task.
  3. Daily go to see TECS Secretary to collect outgoing mail and take this to the post office.  Collect and bring back all incoming mail and give it to TECS Secretary.
  4. If there are no supplies to be picked up, do any task assigned to you by the Camp Directors during the morning working hours.

ACTIVITY PICK UPs and DROP OFFs (15.30-20.30: weekdays)

  1. Daily pick up timetable from Logistics Coordinator.
  2. Carry out all activity pick ups and drop offs professionally and safely, as assigned
    1. Ensure the safe loading of campers into the vans.
    2. Ensure that campers are dropped off/and picked up at/from a safe spot.
    3. Ensure that all campers are taken to/ and brought back from the activity areas.
    4. Report any problems with pick ups/ drop offs to Assistant Director.
  3. Carry out any other driving or none driving task, as set by Logistics Coordinator/Camp Directors during this time.

TRANSFERS (Arrivals and Departures and some language travel ones during week)

  1. Carry out transfers for camp arrivals and departures and for language travel programmes as assigned, professionally and safely at all times.
  2. On drop offs, stay with campers at airports/stations until they are safely checked in, or train/plane leaves.
  3. Carry out the administration part of transfers effectively and thoroughly at all times.
    1. When assigned a transfer, sign on the transfer board that you have understood all parts of the transfer.
    2. When picking up campers, tick off the names of the students on the transfer form.  When arriving back on camp, give the ticked transfer sheet back to the Director, confirming that all students have arrived safely to the camp or airport/station.
    3. On arrival on camp, ensure all campers phone home to say they have arrived safely on camp (on really busy days, when a driver has to go off to do another pick up, they may have to ask the Director to oversee this is done for them).

ON CALL DRIVER DUTIES (evenings and nights)

  1. When on in the evening, be on call to do any driving task at any point that night until the next morning.
  2. Between 20.30-01.00, do any transfer of campers who have an activity off site, i.e. from and to beach barbeques.
  3. 22:00-00:00: when there are no driving tasks during this time, the on call driver must go and see the on duty manager to assist with office work and simple maintenance tasks, as assigned.
  4. Act as a guard/ night duty on a shift basis of the camp facilities. (depending on the camp)

Camp Photos

  1. Take action campers photos on a regular basis every day
  2. Take specific photos of campers for example class or leader group photos
  3. Upload the photos onto the website


  1. Update the website with the colour war scores
  2. Making notes for the arrivals of the excursions for the parents on the web

Video and Slide Show

  1. Produce a camp video by the end of camp as guided by Director of TECS Language Camps.
  2. Produce a slide show of camper photos for the last Friday of every camp.
  3. Make a slide show of staff photos to be shown at the final meal at the end of camp.
  4. As mentioned before in Little Village this is a large part of the camp supports position in editing to gain a final product for the parents to view at the end of every camp.

Pocket Money Responsibilities

  1. Be in charge of the campers pocket money
  2. Insert camper’s pocket money into camp database at beginning of camp and daily insert out-goings or in-goings into each camper’s pocket money account.
  3. Daily hand out requested pocket money to campers in each age group during assigned money time.
  4. Ensure that the pocket money box has enough change at all times, ordering more change through the Camp Director as needed.
  5. Put the remaining pocket money into each camper’s blue envelope at the end of each two week camp.
  6. Daily check that money in the cash box equals that on the database.
  7. At all times when the cash box is taken out of the camp office, be responsible for the security of the money.


  1. Print out Awards and Certificates for the campers at the end of each camp
  2. Attend specific meetings necessary to gain this information

Laundry and Maintenance tasks

  1. Carrying out litter pick duties.
  2. Assisting with the preparation of tables before meals and the tidy up after.
  3. Carrying out simple maintenance tasks as assigned.
  4. Carrying out any task asked of you by the Maintenance Responsible or Director(s), professionally and thoroughly.
  5. Setting up areas for afternoon or evening activities.
  6. Assisting in the preparation of the camp site before and after Arrivals and Departures of campers and staff.  This may involve working on both camps and will involve long hours on these weekends.
  7. Daily collecting the laundry bags, taking them to the Laundry area and returning them to their respectful places the following day
  8. Weekly, collecting and returning campers’ and staff’s bed sheets for the laundry and then possibly making the campers beds

END OF CAMP: Tidy Up and finalisation of camp

The responsibilities will be similar to the opposite of those above.  However, all the camp staff will help on one day with the tidy up so the workload is likely to be less drooling than that of set up but still nonetheless camp driver and support  should be prepared for longer work days during tidy up and thus again TECS has a separate pay for this time. Also camp driver and support will work until Monday after camp has finished (Saturday) on the tidy up of camp.  Tasks similar as Set Up and also:

  1. Dismantling all of camp furniture and materials and storing in their correct storage areas.
  2. Organisation of the camp storage areas
  3. Inventory list of materials
  4. Administrative tasks for finalising everything
  5. Taking back from the camps materials to the central office storage
  6. Returning the vans
  7. Any other tasks asked of you by the camp responsible.


Depending on our needs, one of the camp support may be asked to come out a week earlier (Arrival Sunday before) to assist with driving needs, maintenance tasks, administrative tasks, etc. There is an extra financial stipend for working this period as mentioned in “written statement of particulars”. If they are a returnee and have a certain role in the training of other camp support on their arrival.


Depending on our needs, we will need for one person to start around April. The head of camp drivers and support will be responsible for getting ready things like the materials and everything for the set up of the camps in the months coming up to the summer so that everything is ready for setting up the other camps. They will be needed to help out with the maintenance and certain administrative duties in the centre. During the summer this person will be one of the camp drivers and support in Family/Go/Day Camps. They will also act as the “Head Camp Driver and Support” as they will be have a role in training, supporting and leading the other camp drivers and support in their duties throughout the summer. Please view the Head Camp Driver and Support job profile for more details.


Camp work is very demanding and all candidates should recognise that this job is anything but 9-5 living, with long hours needing to be put in by all camp staff.  The hours of work for Camp Driver and Supports, during the weekdays, will be worked out in a shift pattern, where one driver will do the morning and afternoon shift and the other the afternoon and night shift.  The Drivers will swap around shifts every week.  The morning shift starts at 10:00 and finishes at 20:30, with about a two hour break for lunch.  The night shift involves the activity drops offs, 15:30-20:30, evening pick ups and drop offs, 20:30-01:00, and office help, 22:00-00:00, and being on call from 20:30 until the morning in case of any emergency or special duty.  Camp Driver and Supports are off at all other times during the week.

Because of the nature and responsibility of their job the Camp Driver and Supports have much more time off than normal camp staff, however because of this situation, Camp Driver and Supports are expected to be flexible with their hours and, if emergency or special need requires it, be willing to make them self available to drive during some of their time off.  All Camp Driver and Support applicants should also note that some arrival and departure transfers require very early starts.  The Camp Driver and Supports, like all camp staff, have one day off each week at the weekend. All staff are also always required to stay on site at night on pre-departure Fridays and on all Sundays

Benefits of Working on a TECS Summer Camp

  • Ambience of summer camp environment- team work and spirit!
  • Fulfilment of working with kids and of managing people in that environment.
  • Professional and personal development
  • Friends from around the world.
  • Sun and fun!


  • Staff uniform- enough so you won’t have to rewash them yourself!
  • Staff events- weekend trips, sport and game competitions during camp.
  • Management Bonding Meal at before camp starts and reward meal at end of summer.
  • Staff final meal – these are big things and for many staff the highlight of the summer so DON’T LEAVE CAMP UNTIL THE DAY AFTER WORK FINISHES.
  • Knowledgeable year round central office management. The top management were ALL once staff members and mid-management themselves at one point.
  • Supportive management structure.
  • Guiding hand on the rewarding path to professional development and personal development.

Job Review and Performance Management

Regular feedback will be provided from the Camp director and Camp Logistics director about job performance and objectives.  Also the Camp Site Director  and/or the Central Office Director of Logistics will be available at any time to discuss concerns or problems that may occur, or to offer support in situations when help is deemed necessary.


TECS runs a year round academy and has a year-round team, therefore for teachers who display the correct attitude and work performance level there will be the opportunity of year round employment with us.

What we’re looking for: Requirements + Knowledge/Skills


  1. Dedication and efficiency displayed in previous employment.
  2. Preferred some experience of working in a children’s environments.
  3. Minimum 3 years driving experience and experience driving large vehicles (vans or estate cars) preferred but not essential if driver is confident and experienced.
  4. Preferred experience of driving on the right hand side of the road and driving abroad.
  5. Experience of working in a fast moving environment where stress levels can at times be very high.


  1. A Level or Higher qualifications or another nation’s equivalent.
  1. Applicant must have a valid European Union car driving license, or have the correct collaborating documents which validate their home country’s driving licence to be used in Spain (photocopies of all these things MUST be sent with the application).
  2. Applicant should be 21 years old by the start of camp.


  1. Ability to work long hours and communicate well with fellow employees.
  2. High energy levels and a young but responsible mature and outlook on life and work.
  3. Basic knowledge of Spanish and the customs and culture of Spain preferred but not essential.

(Camp Driver applicants some knowledge of Spanish is preferable as Drivers will need to communicate with Spanish speaking people when buying supplies and carrying out transfers)


Starting Dates

  • Arrive on Thursday 21st June 2018.
  • Training + Practical Preparation: 22nd June – 24th June.
  • Camp Work Start Date: 25th June (staff arrival day)*.

Note: We do have some extra positions that can start a week or two previously to the dates mentioned above. If interested please indicate on application.

* As this is start of official camp work, this is the start date which will appear on Spanish contracts.

Wage + Work Dates

We employ staff for between 1-4 fortnights, with the vast majority being for fortnights 1+2 in July. Below you can see the stated contract length (please bear in mind the start dates above aswell). All figures shown below are NET (after tax):

  • Fortnight 1 (25th June – 16th July 2018):
    • Net Pay: €682
  • Fortnight 1-2 (1st July – 31st July 2018):
    • Net Pay: €1116
  • Fortnight 1-4 (1st July – 27th August 2018):
    • Net Pay: €1984

Other Conditions + Notes:

  • Accommodation and food are included in the conditions.
  • TECS believes in professional development and for that reason extensive training is given to all our staff who will be as well trained as is possible for the taking on of all their responsibilities.
  • All as stated above in “benefits of the job”.
  • As we believe in team bonding there will be social events organised in the evenings during Management training week, including the Sunday arrival evening, which you are expected to attend in order to create the best management team possible.
  • TECS believes in professional development although the Camp Drivers mainly assists with the practical set up of the camp, their training is basic to start practically driving straight away for the taking on of all their responsibilities.

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