Camp Driver + Support Job Profile

Camp Driver + Support Job Profile

This page is the complete description and details for the position including job responsibilities, dates, wage, etc. At the bottom of the page you can apply online.

  1. Job Overview
  2. Benefits of Working on a TECS Summer Camp
  3. What we’re looking for: Requirements + Knowledge/Skills
  4. Conditions (Wage, dates, etc.)
  5. Apply Now

Job Overview

Job Title: Camp Driver and Camp Support

Reports to: Camp Director

Responsible for:

Camp drivers and support do just what their title suggests: they are a support staff for their camp and are the ones that will do any driving necessary. The camp support and driver position is one of the positions on camp that isn’t necessarily with the campers directly most of the time (except when driving them, etc.) as they are usually to be found either driving off to the nearby town to buy things, fixing things around camp, lifting and mounting objects, taking photos, and generally helping out with any task required!

Candidates must be enthusiastic, have initiative and a lot of stamina and deemed to have the “camp personality”.  Candidates for this position should be interested in developing their language skills, as in this post, unlike other one’s, Spanish will be required to be spoken.  Candidates should also have an interest in doing a variety of tasks in the up-keeping of the camp facilities, as a lot of adaptability, and at times flexibility, will be required.  Applicants must also enjoy doing physical work as in this position, doing a lot of: lifting, mounting and moving of objects will be required. This position is ideal for people who wish to work in Spain but are looking for shorter working hours (bar set up and tidy up) than those involved working as a Camp Monitor.  It is also ideal for people looking to gain experience working with children without having the twenty four hour responsibility for them that Camp Monitors and Teachers have.

Job Responsibilities +  Tasks

  1. Driving campers and staff as needed.
  2. Pick up supplies and carry out tasks in local towns efficiently and effectively.
  3. Help out as needed with set up, serving and tidy up of meal times.
  4. Be on call in case of emergency or special need.
  5. As required take campers to local hospitals and if no other staff member is with camper, accompany child into hospital, looking after them as needed.
  6. Responsible for the organisation and distribution of camp materials.
  7. Meet daily with Director to report on duties carried out and receive new tasks./
  8. Reading the camp manuals,, and familiarising yourself with all areas of the camp before your arrival. 
  9. Act as a monitor in case of need.

On Excursion weekends, as there are no transfers, the drivers will assist the Camp Support Staff and Cleaning staff with the making of beds (picking up the used bed linen, taking them to the laundry and then replacing the sheets with new ones and making the beds for when the children get back from the excursion and assisting the cleaning team with basic cleaning).  Also on these days, the drivers will be in charge of charging the campers’ mobile phones.

On Arrival and Departure weekends, if there are not many transfers, the drivers will be asked to assist the Camp Support Staff with the making of beds and very basic cleaning. (as above)

Camp Drivers are responsible for the correct up keep and cleanliness of their vehicle, and should ensure that campers respect it and keep it tidy at all times.  Every weekend, and any other time needed, they must ensure their van is cleaned inside and out.


Camp work is very demanding and all candidates should recognise that this job is anything but 9-5 living, with long hours needing to be put in by all camp staff.  Drivers will generally start at 10:00 in the morning and finish at 22:00. They will have a break of approximately 4 hours in the middle of the day.

Because of the nature and responsibility of their job the Camp Driver and Supports have much more time off than normal camp staff, however because of this situation, Camp Driver and Supports are expected to be flexible with their hours and, if emergency or special event requires it, be needed to work a bit extra in other moments.

Benefits of Working on a TECS Summer Camp

  • Ambience of summer camp environment- team work and spirit!
  • Professional and personal development
  • Friends from around the world.
  • Sun and fun


  • Staff uniform- enough so you won’t have to rewash them yourself!
  • Staff events- weekend trips, sport and game competitions during camp.
  • Staff final meal – these are big things and for many staff the highlight of the summer so DON’T LEAVE CAMP UNTIL THE DAY AFTER WORK FINISHES.
  • Knowledgeable year round central office management. The top management were ALL once staff members and mid-management themselves at one point.
  • Supportive management structure.
  • Guiding hand on the rewarding path to professional development and personal development.

Job Review and Performance Management

Regular feedback will be provided from the Camp director about job performance and objectives.  Also the Camp Site Director  will be available at any time to discuss concerns or problems that may occur, or to offer support in situations when help is deemed necessary.

What we’re looking for: Requirements + Knowledge/Skills


  1. All camp staff must be E.U. citizens or have valid work permit (DNI, NIE or T.I.E.)
  2. Applicant must have a valid European Union car driving license, or have the correct collaborating documents which validate their home country’s driving licence to be used in Spain (photocopies of all these things MUST be sent with the application).
  3. Applicant should be 21 years old by the start of camp.


  1. Dedication and efficiency displayed in previous employment.
  2. Preferred some experience of working in a children’s environments.
  3. Minimum 3 years driving experience and experience driving large vehicles (vans or estate cars) preferred but not essential if driver is confident and experienced.
  4. Preferred experience of driving on the right hand side of the road and driving abroad.
  5. Experience of working in a fast moving environment where stress levels can at times be very high.


  1. Ability to work long hours and communicate well with fellow employees.
  2. High energy levels and a young but responsible mature and outlook on life and work.
  3. Basic knowledge of Spanish and the customs and culture of Spain preferred but not essential.

(Camp Driver applicants some knowledge of Spanish is preferable as Drivers will need to communicate with Spanish speaking people when buying supplies and carrying out transfers)

CONDITIONS (Wage, dates, etc.)

  • Arrive on Monday 26th June 2023.
  • Staff Training Week: 27th June – 1st July.
  • Camp Work Start Date: 2nd July (camper’s arrival)
  • Finish date: 14th Augu

Net Pay: €1610

Other Conditions + Notes:

  • Accommodation and food are included in the conditions.
  • TECS believes in professional development and for that reason extensive training is given to all our staff who will be as well trained as is possible for the taking on of all their responsibilities.
  • All as stated above in “benefits of the job”.
  • TECS believes in professional development although the Camp Drivers mainly assists with the practical set up of the camp, their training is basic to start practically driving straight away for the taking on of all their responsibilities.
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