Assistant Coordinator Job Profile

This page is the complete description and details for the summer camp assistant coordinator position including job responsibilities, dates, wage, etc. At the bottom of the page you can apply online and download the complete pdf job profile.

Job Overview

Job Title: Assistant Coordinator

Reports to: mainly to Activity Coordinator but also to Welfare and TEFL Coordinator.

Responsible for: Groups of around 12 children. Also responsible for being a “Head Monitor” role and covering activity coordinator in certain moments.

An assistant coordinator is for all intents and purposes halfway between a monitor and an activity coordinator. In most, although not all, they are a returnee who has shown a very good performance in the past. The assistant coordinator is mostly the same as a monitor (so perspective candidates should read the job profile for that position also) with some extra responsibilities.

The assistant coordinator is the link between the staff and the mid-management as they work closely with the activity coordinator while also being an exemplary monitor. The assistant coordinator will also act as the activity coordinator in certain moments such as when they are off or are ill.

Assistant coordinators play a key figure in staff morale as they are usually looked up to by the rest of the staff and so they should be someone who is interested in being a leader of a group of people, and in inspiring a positive and productive work environment.

Job Responsibilities +  Tasks

  1. To carry out all responsibilities of a monitor and act as a role model to monitors offering support whenever necessary.
  2. To assist the coordinators in ensuring that the age group programme is run to the highest quality in all areas.
  3. To assist with the management of the monitors and teachers in all areas of the assigned age group programme.
  4. To work alongside other management staff in ensuring the success of all parts of daily life on camp.



  1. Reading the camp manuals,, and familiarising yourself with all areas of the camp programme before your arrival on camp.
  2. Be responsible for assisting the coordinators and welfare in training the monitors and teachers in all areas related to the camp programme (except TEFL).
  3. As required oversee the morning routine from wake-up to after breakfast, will be at least once a week and any other time of need.
  4. With the activity coordinator, oversee the general sports sessions and run the big colour war sports competitions as needed.
  5. Be responsible for ensuring the proper usage of all Arts and Crafts materials and sports equipment at all times and ensure that monitors and teachers always have all the materials they need for activities.
  6. Be responsible for overseeing shower, phone calling and chill out times as assigned.
  7. Assist the activity coordinator in organising and running the evening entertainments.
  8. Assist in the running of the arrival’s and departure’s programmes for the assigned age group.
  9. Be responsible for running competitions during sports sessions and evening entertainments as assigned.


  1. Attend the daily age group meetings and assist coordinator with the running or preparation of these meetings as required.  Ast. Coords will run these meetings at least once a week.
  2. Meet daily with age group coordinator and pass on any relevant information and request information as required.
  3. At all times keep the Coordinators and Welfare informed on staff performance and problems as you are aware of them.
  4. At all times be responsible for up holding camp rules and regulations for staff conduct.


Any candidate for this position accepts they will also be responsible for carrying out all responsibilities outlined in the Camp Monitor’s job profile.


  1. Assist in the preparation of the camp site on the weekend before the staff arrival.
  2. Assist monitor with the welfare/discipline of the children in the age group at all times and discuss regularly with age group welfare and other coordinators about the action taken or needed to be taken to deal with problems of the children.
  3. Carry out all tasks asked of you by the Coordinators, professionally and thoroughly.
  4. As assigned, run the age group programme on one of the weekend excursions.
  5. Assist with the set up/tidy up tasks:
    1. For Start of Camp during training week.
    2. Before Departures and Arrivals.
    3. At end of camp as part of tidy up.


The hours of work for an Assistant Coordinator are not set and are instead dictated by daily events.  All candidates should be prepared to have an open work schedule and be prepared to work long hours, particularly in the initial stages of camp, to get jobs/tasks finished.  Assistant Coordinators should also note that they do not have the same time off as normal monitors, but instead have a schedule, like all other management staff, which is dictated by daily events.

The Assistant Coordinators will have one day off each week at the weekend.  Daily time off, will be dictated by the individual day as stated, but will usually be for between 3 and 4 hours in the morning.  Assistant Coordinators, because they have leader duties, will have one week evening (from end of evening entertainment) and the morning after off.  All staff are also always required to stay on site at night on pre-departure Fridays and on all Sundays.

Benefits of Working on a TECS Summer Camp

  • Ambience of summer camp environment- team work and spirit!
  • Fulfilment of working with kids and of managing people in that environment.
  • Professional and personal development
  • Friends from around the world.
  • Sun and fun!


  • Staff uniform- enough so you won’t have to rewash them yourself!
  • Staff events- weekend trips, sport and game competitions during camp.
  • Management Bonding Meal at before camp starts and reward meal at end of summer.
  • Staff final meal – these are big things and for many staff the highlight of the summer so DON’T LEAVE CAMP UNTIL THE DAY AFTER WORK FINISHES.
  • Knowledgeable year round central office management. The top management were ALL once staff members and mid-management themselves at one point.
  • Supportive management structure.
  • Guiding hand on the rewarding path to professional development and personal development.

Job Review and Performance Management

For all assistant coordinators, regular feedback will be provided from the Activity Coordinator and TEFL Coordinator about job performance and objectives.  Also the Activity Coordinator and/or the TEFL Coordinator will be available at any time to discuss concerns or problems that may occur, or to offer support in situations when help is deemed necessary.  One to one meetings can also be arranged with the Camp Director at any time.


TECS runs a year round academy and has a year-round team, therefore for teachers who display the correct attitude and work performance level there will be the opportunity of year round employment with us.

What we’re looking for: Requirements + Knowledge/Skills


  1. Summer camp experience.
  2. Relevant experience of man-management in past employment would be looked upon favourably
  3. Experience of organising activities for groups of children and preferred experience of working with foreign language children.
  4. Experience of working in a fast moving environment where stress levels can at times be very high.


  1. University degree or relevant qualifications in child care.  Applicants with TEFL or sporting qualifications will be looked upon favourably.


  1. Interpersonal skills, with ability to man-manage in a motivational and fair way which encourages staff to maintain high levels of performance.
  2. High level of oral and written skills including persuasion, negotiation and advocacy.
  3. The ability to manage continually conflicting priorities in a high pressured environment.
  4. High energy levels and a young but responsible and mature outlook on life and work.
  5. Knowledge of Spanish and the customs and culture of Spain preferred but not essential.


*** Spanish is NOT a requirement to work on TECS Summer Camps as staff are not allowed to speak Spanish in front of the kids***


Starting Dates

  • Arrive on Friday 21st June 2019.
  • Management Training Weekend: 22th + 23th June.
  • Staff Training Week + Camp Preparation: 24th June – 29th June.
  • Camp Work Start Date: 30th June (camper’s arrival)*.

Note: We do have some extra positions that can start a week or two previously to the dates mentioned above. If interested please indicate on application.

Wage + Work Dates

We employ staff for between 1-4 fortnights, with the vast majority being for fortnights 1+2 in July. Below you can see the stated contract length (excluding training week). All figures shown below are NET (after tax):

  • Fortnight 1 (30th June – 13th July 2019):
    • Net Pay: €350
    • Possible Performance Bonus: € 75 (E), € 45 (Ex + VG), € 20 (G)
    • Total Possible Pay: €350 – €425
  • Fortnight 1-2 (30th June – 27th July 2019):
    • Net Pay: €700
    • Possible Performance Bonus: € 100 (E), € 60 (Ex + VG), € 30 (G)
    • Total Possible Pay: €700 – €800
  • Fortnight 1-3 (30th June – 10th August 2019):
    • Net Pay: €1050
    • Possible Performance Bonus: € 125 (E), € 75 (Ex + VG), € 40 (G)
    • Total Possible Pay: €1050- €1300
  • Fortnight 1-4 (30th June – 24th August 2019):
    • Net Pay: €1400
    • Possible Performance Bonus: € 150 (E), € 90 (Ex + VG), € 50 (G)
    • Total Possible Pay: €1400– €1550

Other Conditions + Notes:

  • Accommodation and food are included in the conditions.
  • TECS believes in professional development and for that reason extensive training is given to all our staff who will be as well trained as is possible for the taking on of all their responsibilities.
  • All as stated above in “benefits of the job”.
  • There will be a special end of camp dinner and party for staff in all camps on the last night of the 2nd fortnight. Staff are permitted to sleep on site the night of their end of camp dinner and party but must leave before 12 noon on the Sunday. For those working in August there will be another end of camp dinner and party at the end of fortnight 4.
  • Performance Bonuses: This is a possible performance related bonus. TECS provides standard reference gradings (Exceptional (E), Excellent (Ex) Very good (VG), Good (G), To Standard Required, Below Standard Required, Unsatisfactory) and believes in reward staff, with the bonuses stated above, should their performance be deemed to be above the minimum standard required (i.e. Good and above). These bonuses will be based on the reference grading as decided on by the camp director. An employee is NOT entitled to any bonus should they be deemed to have done a performance that is deemed to be “To Standard Required”, “Below Standard Required” or “Unsatisfactory”.


For summer positions TECS accepts applicants all year round but below is a guideline for what is the normal application date period for this position.

  • Returnees:
    • Recommended reapply date: December.
    • Main interview period: January-March.
  • New Applicants:
    • Recommended date to apply: February/March.
    • Main interview period: March-April.
    • Ireland Interview Dates (TBC): 1ST-5th April 2019
  • Date by which all posts for this position are normally filled: April/May.

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* As this is start of camp, this is the start date which will appear on Spanish contracts.