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The vast majority of our School Camps (or FIPS – Full Immersion Programmes) take place in our amazing locations in the south of Spain, in the province of Cadiz. However, we also have a few other locations dotted around Spain where school camps can also be held. When our staff aren’t working on a camp, they are based in El Puerto de Santa Maria, in our main office – which is brand new and quite snazzy!

Main Office – El Centro Inglés (The English Centre), El Puerto de Santa María

Our main offices are based in a private school, although the office section is separate from the classrooms and daily life of the school. The school has just undergone a massive building project, and so the offices are located in a  brand new, open space. As we are located in the school, staff are able to have their lunch in the on-site canteen.

Huerta Dorotea, Prado del Rey, Cádiz

The majority of our FIPS currently take place in a rural hotel, called Huerta Dorotea. This site is very rustic, with the staff and campers sleeping in cabins and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the countryside. The views are incredible and the atmosphere around the camp cannot be beaten. When it gets warm enough, there is even a swimming pool to enjoy!

Coto de la Isleta, El Puerto de Santa Maria

Our second most popular option for school camps is an environmental and cultural centre, located in the same town as our main offices. It boasts a whole range of sporting facilities, from a sandpit to play volleyball, to a beautifully kept football pitch. Like in Huerta Dorotea, the campers and staff sleep in cabins.

Other locations

Our school camps have some other locations throughout Spain – though not used as often as the two already mentioned, we do run camps there from time to time (and they are also our camps for the summer). One in the Sierra de Gredos, called La Espuela, and another in Palencia, called Sierra del Brezo.

Sierra del Brezo

La Espuela

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