School Camp Monitors

About the coop placement

We are looking for monitors (or counsellors) to work on our School Camps. These camps are mini residential camps that typical run between 3-5 days in our site in El Puerto de Santa Maria, located between Cadiz and Jerez. These camps largely take place in the months of February-March and May-June, however this depends on when schools wish to have them.
When we have a mini camp you will live on the camp site (which is in the same town) where you will be a monitor or group leader to a group of the kids. During these camps you will be a role model, friend, instructor and hero to campers aged from 6-17 years (depending on what camp you work at). Your main role will be to run activities and sports with them, although you will also supervise them during various parts of the day including projects, crafts, evening entertainment, and waking up and putting to bed. This type of work means long hours and lot’s of energy, but it is also fun and engaging work in beautiful surroundings.
In 2017, we had a total of 9 School Camps between February – March and for 2018 we hope to grow that number to 12-15 camps that run for 2-5 days each. This means that, more often than not, we don’t have any School Camps running. When we don’t have these then our camp staff will assist with preparations for upcoming School Camps, be it preparing materials, developing materials, or assisting with any administration necessary. To make up for the long hours that staff do on the camps we try to make this up by giving staff an extra full day off after the camps (when possible). Between programmes staff only work a few hours each day, to allow them to enjoy the sunny south of Spain and it’s beautiful surroundings.

For those interested, we would love to offer positions on our summer camps in July and August. With our ongoing training and development, we hope that you will be prepared to either become a full TEFL teacher on one of our summer camps, or possibly be a Activity Coordinator; a position whereby you would be a manager of a team of up to 20 staff.

What type of people are we looking for?

In general all candidates should be full of energy and be looking for work to be a passionate part of their life. Working on camps means that candidates should active and enjoy working with children. All candidate should also have an interest in language learning and enjoy working in people industry. They must be someone who takes pride in their work and has a real ambition to be good at what they do. Also, to fit into our ethics, they should be someone who gets a genuine buzz from triumphing in their tasks. We are looking for people to take the company forward rather than maintain where it is so definitely all Spark Staff should be people aren’t afraid of hard work in an enjoyable environment. We believe we are good at spotting talent in people so don’t be afraid apply online now and join our team 🙂

This position is perfect for candidates wishing to come to live in Spain and enhance their Spanish level in an economical way. All perspective candidates should be young (or young at heart), with a desire to utilise and develop organisational skills in a fast moving, dynamic environment. Candidates should be ambitious and have a keen interest in working with children.

Also applicants with a keen interest in personal and professional development may find this a rewarding position as we keenly promote applicants taking on additional responsibilities and believe ourselves (as past applicants have confirmed) to be a good company for provided skill and knowledge development for suitable, motivated individuals.

Job Responsibilities + Tasks


1. To ensure TECS campers have the best possible experience.
2. To ensure the safety and welfare of the campers at all times.
3. To represent TECS positively at all times.
4. Motivate and inspire the campers to use and learn the most English on camp possible.
5. Supervise campers during wake up, putting to bed, meal times, showers, etc.
6. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with the assigned leader group, ensuring proper table control, manners and that each child eats sufficiently.
7. Be in charge of planning and running Arts and Crafts or Project sessions, ensuring quality of activity and that children exercise respectful behaviour at all times.
8. To run all activities and sports as assigned.
9. All camp staff sleep onsite during the 3-5 days of the mini camps.
10. Must wear red TECS polo at all times.
11. Once the children depart all staff will need to assist with the tidy up of the camp facilities and materials, and help transport them back to our base.
1. Staff will work in the office Monday-Friday when not working on camps.
2. They will be responsible for preparing the materials for upcoming camps.
3. They will assist the School Camps director with any administrative or logistical tasks as necessary related to preparation of upcoming camps.
4. They may be asked to assist with recruitment, be it in an administrative sense or helping out doing staff interviews.


The hours of work will vary a lot, as candidates must recognise that working on the actual camps is anything but 9-5 living, with long hours needing to be put in by all camp staff. Staff will have their time off (2-3 hours) in the mornings while the campers are in English class. When possible we do aim to give staff an extra full day off straight after the mini camp.
However, in between the mini camps staff will have this intense timetable made up by only working 4-5 hours each day, Monday-Friday, in our main office helping with the preparations for upcoming camps. In May/June these hours may increase to a full working day to help prepare everything for the summer camps.


What we’re looking for: Requirements + Knowledge/Skills


1. Preference for experience of working with children.
2. Preferred summer camp experience, but not essential.
3. Experience of organising activities for small groups of children and preferred experience of working with foreign language children.


1. A Level or Higher qualifications or another nation’s equivalent. Applicants with special: Arts and Crafts, Music or Sporting qualifications will be looked upon favourably.
2. Any Camp staff member must be 18 years of age before the starting date of contract


1. First class interpersonal skills with ability to control children in a motivational and fair way, which enables campers to integrate into the English environment smoothly and encourages them to speak English.
2. High energy levels and a young but responsible mature outlook on life and work.
3. A positive attitude and ability to put yourself in other’s shoes, in order to work effectively as a key part of a large diverse team.
4. Adaptability and ability to think on the spot in what can be at times a highly unpredictable and spontaneous environment.


Statement of Written Particulars


• Commencement of Work: Arrive: January 2017 (Exact date can be discussed)
• Finish of Work: 30th June (Candidates can extend their contracts by
working on summer camps in July+August)

• Total NET Wage:
Base Monthly Wage: €150 NET (after tax)
Monthly Performance bonus: Up to €150 NET available. This is depending on how good the candidate’s job performance and strain they have had during the past month.


• During camps all meals are provided for. Between camps there is lunch available in our on-site canteen Monday-Friday
• Accommodation is provided for on camp. Between camps, accommodation is provided for in our company apartment.
• We offer weekly Spanish classes free of charge.

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