Summer Camp Jobs Available 2022

Summer Camp Jobs Available 2022

Below you will find all of the positions we offer separated into three main types:

  • Staff: The staff positions available are the jobs that mean being in the thick of it with the kids. From teaching them English to playing sports or serving them food….
  • Management Positions: Our camp managers are key to the success of our summer camps. There is a manager responsible for each area of camp; From ensuring the English classes are being taught well to ensuring the monitors are running great activities to being the director of the entire camp!!
  • Year Round Positions: As we are a summer camp organisation, our staffing structure during the year in the summer camp department is far smaller, so we are looking for a few young and motivated people to be part of this core team either all year round or from January/February onwards.

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Staff Positions

Camp Monitor
(or Counsellor)

Responsible for motivating and inspiring the campers to use and learn the most English on camp possible through running activities and supervising the different aspects of the camp daily routine.

Camp TEFL Teacher

Residential English teaching position whereby you are responsible for teaching 4 hours of class each day and doing other pastoral and programme duties the rest of the day.

TEFL Monitor

This is similar to a camp monitor position (see above) but for those wanting to gain experience in TEFL teaching. Once or twice a week the TEFL monitor will covering an English class instead of doing sports.

TECS College Tutor

In TECS College we don’t have teachers as the kids don’t have English class. Instead we’ve got tutors who will run the personal development programme running things like workshops and projects. Usually this position will be filled by returnee staff.

Camp Driver + Support

Our camp drivers and support are responsible for doing all driving on camp (going to buy things or driving the kids to places) and generally being the behind the scenes support for the camp.

Crew Member (Ex-TECS College or ECI students Only)

Crew members are ex-TECS students who are between 17-19 years old and are looking to gain experience working with children in a summer camp environment.

Management Positions

Camp Director

The camp director is the overall person responsible for everything in their summer camp. They manage the coordinators below them to ensure that the programmes and staff that each one of them are responsible for are run to the highest quality.

TEFL Coordinator

The TEFL Coordinator is the manager of the TEFL teachers and the English learning programme. They will manage between 3-10 teachers and also teach class themselves.

Activity Coordinator

The Activity Coordinator is the manager of the monitors, the daily activity programme. They will manage between 3-15 monitors and will also run large activities and events. The activity coordinator is the heartbeat of camp.

Nurse/Welfare Coordinator

The Nurse/Welfare Coordinator is a combination of the nurse and welfare coordinator positions for smaller camps. They are responsible for the welfare and health of the kids, as well as parental communication.

Camp Nurse / Enfermera

The camp nurse is responsible for the health and diets of the campers. They will do things like care for the kids when they are sick, ensure they are getting the correct medicines, correct special diets, etc. This person must have some previous first aid/nursing/medical knowledge.

Year-Round Positions

School Camp TEFL Monitor Internship

Jan/February – Summer

(No 2021)

This position is perfect for young people who are wishing to do an internship in Spain working with children and gaining experience and training in how to teach English.

Camp Admin Assistant Internship

Jan/February – Summer

The camp secretary is an administrative internship position which is perfect for young people looking to gain experience and responsibility at a young age. The camp secretary is a key part of our summer camp year round team and is responsible for the administrative preparations for the camps.

English Academy Positions

We run two English academies in the sunny South of Spain which aim to hire approximately 20 staff each year. Check out the jobs below

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