Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I work on a TECS Summer Camp?

Well because working on a summer camp is the best summer job ever. Our summer camps are the best out there, so if you put the two things together how could you not work on camp??

But seriously though if you want to see all of the great reasons why you should come to Spain and work on a tecs summer camp then go here.

What are the requirements to apply?

Obviously each position has different requirements in terms of age, experience, etc. so please make sure to see the job profile page for that information, but the basics are:

  1. You must have a first or second E.U. nationality.
    Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from those who are from outside of the EU and are therefore not legal to work in Spain.
  2. You need to be fit and healthy enough to spend a whole summer working on a camp caring for children.
  3. You must be able to complete the relevant criminal background check.
    In order to finalize your contract offer you must submit to us a criminal background check or police check from the country you are applying from. Please find more information here.

Do I need a criminal background check?

Yes. This is mandatory now in Spain. While working at summer camp with children a criminal background check is required for everyone. Please find more information here on how to apply for criminal background check and bare in mind the process may take longer than others and each country does their background check differently.

I don´t have any Spanish will this affect me?

Not at all. Working at summer camp you will be provided the help needed or become friends with Spanish speakers on camps who can only speak English in front of the kids at all times but can help you off site if needed for Spanish speaking purposes.

How much experience do I have to have?

This obviously depends on the position but in general we are more willing than most camps to recruit staff with little experience but only if we believe they have certain “camp personality” characteristics, like high responsibility, energy and enthusiasm levels.  We supply intensive effective training for all positions and usually are keen to spot highly talented young people and provide them with the opportunity to take on high responsibility levels at a young age.

How do I apply?

Firstly go here and check out all of the different jobs that are available, the dates, wages, etc. and see what position(s) you wish to be considered for. Then you can apply online on the same page. Simple.

When is the best time to apply?


NEW STAFF: If you are looking for a summer only position then you can apply at any point of the year, but it won’t be until around February that we start reviewing applications and offering interviews. We are constantly looking for staff from February right through to the summer and even sometimes during the summer so don’t feel like you’re ever too late to apply.

RETURNEES: Each year we send out an email to everyone who has worked with us previously to give returnees the chance to apply earlier. Candidates going for management positions will be reviewed before Christmas and interviews will most likely take place in January.

YEAR ROUND POSITIONS: We’re always looking for staff to join our year round team, be it in the office, FIPs or on our academies as we’ve got positions that start at different times of the year so please don’t hesitate to apply.

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Yes you can! Feel free to apply for however many positions as you’d like. If you end up being offered an interview then we will state what the main position we are considering you for is (based on your experience and what our needs at that time are), but will still be keeping you in mind for all of them.

Can I apply with a friend?

Of course you can. If both of you get the job then we will do our best to put you in the same camp but can not guarantee it. From experience we know that certain people suit certain camps or age groups better and often we just have more vacancies in one camp and need to fill them.

What are the wages?

Each position has a different wage so please make sure to go to the relevant page for the position where you will see the wage.

All wages stated are NET, after tax, meaning what we state is what you will receive at the end of your time with us. Your wage will obviously depend on the position you work and the amount of fortnights. We also have a system of performance related bonuses ON TOP of your wage. These are dependant on your reference grading which is decided by your manager at the end of the summer.

We also offer advances so if you think you need an advance while on camp don’t hesitate to ask your manager.

How long do I need to work for?

We have contracts for 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks in July and August, with the majority of the positions being 2 or 4 week contracts in July only. All have at least five days of training (management positions more) before camp starts.

The vast majority of our staff will be offered positions in July only as we often only offer positions for August until closer to the summer or even during summer itself. If you are interested in working for the full summer then just don’t book a flight back until you get here!

Where exactly are the camps located?

South of Spain/Andalucia:

  • Family Camp Puerto and TECS College are located in the outskirts of the town of El Puerto de Santa Maria in the Cadiz province which has a population of around 90,000 in winter and up to 250,000 in the summer. In this camp we use the facilities of our sister company the “English Centre” bilingual school, meaning the camp is excellently equipped in all areas from classes to sports facilities.
  • Magic Village and Little Village are located in town called El Prado del Rey in the Sierras (hill ranges) in the provinces of Cadiz and use camp site/activity centre facilities which have log cabins and youth hostel like accommodation. They are located in a beautiful location and have a mixture of indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Mid/North of Spain

  • Family Camp Gredos is located outside of Madrid, in Avila, in the Sierra de Gredos, a beautiful area in the mountains.
  • Anglo Camp is located in a golf course in town outside of Salamanca.

Family Camp and TECS College are all located close to the beach.  Family Camp and Go Camp, El Puerto, facilities are owned by TECS but all other venues are rented for the summer months.

In the event of a contract offer, training for ALL CAMPS in July and August takes place in Family Camp EL Puerto.

For more specific information on each camp please go here.

What´s the interview like?

The purpose of our interviews is to get a feel for what you are like as a person, what your experiences and background is like, and to gauge whether you are suitable to work on summer camp. Camp life is a unique type of environment and is definitely not for everyone so we will make sure to go through a lot of the possible challenges of what camp life can throw at you so that we decide whether you are suitable for such an environment and so that you go into the experience filly aware and mentally prepared for those challenges. We want to give our kids great staff and managers and so our interviews are made to see if you can one of them!

We offer two types of interviews:

  1. Skype Interviews

The majority of our interviews are done via skype. You will do the interview with one of our year-round team members by skype. Remember that we are based in Spain so please make sure that you are going off Spanish time (i.e. if your interview is at 13:00 Spanish time, that is 12:00 in Ireland/UK). The interview will take between 30-45 minutes for staff positions and can take 1-1,5 hours for management positions.

Don’t worry about looking good as we’ll ask you to turn off the video!

  1. Ireland Face-to-Face Interviews

In around March/April time Patrick will do a little tour of Ireland doing a day of interviews in UCC Cork, University of Limerick, University of Galway, Dublin City University and University College Dublin. If you are assigned to one of those interviews then just please make sure to come along to the interview 15 minutes before your assigned slot.

Will I enjoy camp life?

Not everyone suits the dynamics of camp life, but those who do, generally love it.  Having the “camp personality” is usually the key to enjoying the job.  Being naturally energetic, enthusiastic, positive, charismatic, and willing to make a fool of yourself, probably just about sums up the “camp personality”.  If you feel your personality doesn’t match two or more of these characteristics it is probably best not to apply to summer camp work.

We suggest that all people thinking about work on summer camp do the employment suitability quiz.  We also suggest to teacher applicants especially that they consider what type of camp teaching may suit them best, as although we believe no experience in any of our camps is better or easier than the other ones, it is true nonetheless that each of the environments, suits better different types of teachers.

What are the working hours like?

These are outlined in detail on the job profiles but in general camp hours are long and camp life is nothing like 9-5 living.  Camp days are structured similarly to American Camps with staff being involved in a wide range of activities throughout the day.  Generally all positions have between 3-4 hours off during the day and some nights off each week.  All staff have one full day off at the weekend.  Little Village camp offers slightly less intensive working hours for teachers (not for monitors) than the other camps as the quality of teaching in this camp is expected to be of an extremely high level and hence for this reason teachers are allocated more time to lesson planning.

Have a look at a typcical day on camp here.

How long are the TEFL classes and what is required of a camp teacher apart from classroom teaching?

Any TEFL professional considering working with TECS should make sure to read the specifics about each camp because the requirements vary a bit per camp.  However in general it is extremely important that any potential candidate recognise that all Camp Teachers are very much more than just TEFL classroom professionals.  In all camps teachers along with a Monitor partner are assigned their own Leader Group to look after and they are also scheduled to run Arts and Crafts or Projects sessions with the campers on a daily basis, as well as to supervise daily routine care like meal and shower supervision.  Also all teachers cover for the monitors for night time supervision on two nights per week and in all camps teachers are required to go on one excursion at the weekend.

Depending on the age group and camp, TEFL classes run for between three and four hours daily. All Camps have designated teaching planning time every week day, Monday-Thursday, which usually takes place after dinner when the monitors are running the evening entertainments, although this does vary per camp.

How many staff and campers are there on the camps at one time?

  • Family Camp Puerto (El Puerto de Santa Maria) has 150-170 students, allocated within three age groups: Sophomores (6-9) Juniors (10-13) and Seniors (13-17).
  • Magic Village (El Prado del Rey) has 90 campers, aged 11-13 (Juniors).
  • Little Village (El Prado del Rey) has 90 campers aged 14-17 (Anglos).
  • TECS College (El Puerto de Santa Maria) has 21-28 campers, aged 15-17.
  • Family Camp Gredos (Ávila) has 60-80 students, in two age groups: Pioneers (8-11) and Freshmen (12-14).
  • Anglo Camp (Salamanca) has 80 campers aged 12-16 (Seniors).

We recruit around 150-200 staff, of which around 70 are Camp Monitors and around 50 Camp Teachers. The rest are either managers or support staff (catering, admin, IT, drivers).

Do I get to choose what camp I work in?

Unfortunately no. With that said we do consider preferences and will try and match you to the camp you’ve chosen first if not you must work with your second option. Each camp is unique in its own way and it’s important to remember it’s not just the location of camp it’s the quality n staff you have working with you and the effort you are putting forth to provide a wonderful summer for the campers

What is the difference between the programmes offered on each?

As this is such a key question, please go to this page where you can see detailed notes on each camp.

Where do we go on excursions?

We organise excursions on Saturdays and Sundays to the following places (to name just a few): Gibraltar, Seville, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, Sancti Petri, Estepona, Malaga, and Tarifa.  Excursions involve general site-seeing as well as trips to: water and fun parks, a zoo, beaches, and water sports activity centres. In Family Camp, Magic Village and Little Village one the weekend excursions is our Intercamp Competition where we compete in Family Camp Puerto in a variety of activities in order to prove who is the best camp.

Can I combine work on camp with studying Spanish?

Unfortunately Summer Camp life is not compatible with outside commitments due to the nature and intensity of the work and Spanish in communication with the campers is obviously prohibited with the obvious exception of emergencies, key safety issues and extremely seriously welfare or discipline issues.

However combining working out in Spain with pre or post camp Spanish classes is definitely an excellent way to make the most of your work in Spain experience.  TECS staff receives special discounts with Spark, our Spanish in Spain partners, so for more information check out

What are the campers like and where do they come from?

95 percent of our campers are Spanish learning English, with the other 5%, mixed nationalities learning Spanish or English.  Most of the Spanish campers are from cities in Andalucía, or from Madrid, although students do come from all over Spain.  About half are returnees and most campers are motivated English learners.

Those students will from outside of Spain can either come to learn Spanish or English and would so within the International Camp programme in Family Camp.

Are there promotion opportunities?

During the length of camp there are sometimes opportunities for promotion.  However for those who perform well there are possibilities of working in a more senior position the following year.  We have staff, mid-management and senior management positions and there is the possibility of all year round work in our academy or part-time free lance work assisting with the recruitment of staff and campers or doing designated TEFL and Camp development.  About 90% of our managers are usually returnees and we have had years when all our management staff had worked on a TECS camp before.

What is the normal numbers of campers I will be responsible for?

Class sizes will normally be around 11-13 students. In Little Village, because of the communicative nature of the learning, we will have around 8 students per class.  Leader and sports groups vary from 8-15 students, depending on camp and lodging.  Each age group has between 50-90 campers.

How long do the campers stay on camp?

Most campers stay on camp for 2 weeks, although about 5-10% stay for 4 weeks.

Where do I sleep?

Monitors in all camps are required to share a room with the campers, although some staff working with the older campers will share with other staff in some occasions.  Teachers share a room with other teachers but twice a week are required to cover for the monitors and sleep in a room with the campers.  Coordinators usually share smaller rooms, with other mid-management staff or sometimes with teachers, and Directors normally have their own room but this does depend on the camp.

  • Family Camp Puerto, TECS College and Anglo Camp have residences.
  • In Family Camp Gredos the monitors sleep wooden cabins with the kids and the teachers have got dormitories.
  • In Magic Village and Little Village staff sleep in wooden cabins.

What’s the best way to get there?

For all information on how to get to camp please go here.

What do I need to pack?

Packing for camp and knowing what to bring can be a daunting affair so check out our page dedicated to this!

I have a special diet is this a problem?

At TECS we try and accomadate all needs for special diets. We ask you to pleast list your special diet upon submission to work at summer camp after a given contract is handed out and we will do our best to make sure you get the quality of food for your special diet whever your summer camp may be.

Is there working wifi for staff on all camps?

Yes all of the camps have got working wifi. In El Puerto de Santa Maria due to the modern facilities the wifi works perfectly and there is a computer room which staff can use. However in some of the other rural camps in the mountains the wifi is not as strong at at times the coverage may be reduced and so staff might need to go to a nearby café to use their wifi.