TECS Camps Director (Year Round)

TECS Camps Director (Year Round)

This page is the complete description and details for the summer camp assistant position including job responsibilities, dates, wage, etc. At the bottom of the page you can apply online and download the complete pdf job profile.

  1. Job Overview
  2. Job Responsibilities:
  3. Who are we looking for?
  4. What’s in it for you?
  5. Conditions (Dates, wage, etc.)
  6. Apply Now

Job Overview

TECS is an educational company focused on the English education in the following departments:

  • Summer Camps: Camps ran within our own facilities in the south of Spain.
  • Language Centre: 2 English academies teaching both children from the age of 3 to adults.

This position is perfect for candidates wishing to live in Spain and work in a position where they both develop their personal and their professional skills as we keenly promote applicants taking on additional responsibilities and believe ourselves (as past applicants have confirmed) to be a good company for skill and knowledge development for suitable, motivated individuals. The position allows candidates to get actively involved in the development of Summer Camps and also teach English to young learners.

All prospective candidates should have a desire to utilise and develop organisational skills in a fast moving, dynamic environment. A flexible attitude towards the working hours and tasks involved will be required. Candidates should be ambitious and have a keen interest in working in a language learning environment.

A typical day for this position would be divided between administration, recruitment and summer camp development tasks.

During July and possibly August, this position would be work as a Summer Camp residential Director.

Job Responsibilities:

Summer Months:

  1. Oversee all areas of camp and ensure they are being run to the highest quality.
  2. To manage staff on all levels of camp life (Teaching, activities, cleaning, etc.)
  3. Oversee the TEFL programme and manage TEFL Coordinator, head teachers and teachers to ensure that classes are being run to a high standard.
  4. Oversee the Activity programme and manage Activity Coordinators and monitors to ensure that camp is as fun an experience as possible.
  5. Oversee the Welfare and care structure (Welfare coordinators, Nurse, doctor) to ensure that campers are being cared for both emotionally and physically.
  6. Oversee the camp side of the parental communication structure (Welfare coordinators and Nurse). Ensuring that parental communication is happening well and being registered in our internal system.
  7. Ensuring that the camp facilities are well-maintained and overseeing both maintenance and cleaning staff.
  8. Liasing with catering company.
  9. Organise and run all key camp events (Excursions, arrivals, departures, etc.)
  10. Plan and execute training for camp managers and staff.

Year Round:

1. Recruitment

Each year we aim to recruit around 70-80 staff for our summer camp, including TEFL teachers, monitors, cleaners, managers, drivers, etc. This will mean planning out how many staff are needed, promoting those job opportunities, interviewing, contract offering, etc.

2. Camp planning + development

After careful analysis of how the previous summer went, working on improvements to keep our summer camps constantly improving in quality year after year. This requires creativity as those improvements could include new activities, materials, procedures, structures, or anything that you feel could help make our summer camps even better!

3. Suppliers

Contacting and summer camp suppliers (Excursions, activities, catering, etc.) and liasing with them to cover summer camp needs.

4. Materials

Overseeing all materials that are needed for summer camp (sports equipment, campers t-shirts, medicines, teaching resources, etc.) and ordering what needed for the summer. This will involve overseeing the stock taking, ordering and receiving of materials.

4. Teaching

Although this position does not involve a full and set teaching timetable, the candidate will have to be available for covering classes according to the needs of our academy.

Work hours:


Full-time Spanish working week – 8 hours per day with 1 hour for lunch (Monday-Friday). Typical timetable work timetable is 09:00-18:00. We are willing to be flexibility so this can always be discussed with the HO Director.

Summer Camp:

All applicants must realise that a residential summer camp is a 24/7 environment and so must be open to working long hours during the summer. The exact hours are not set and instead dictated by daily events and ensuring that all tasks are being completed. The camp director, like other summer camp staff, will be the onsite responsible and is required to sleep on camp, except for their nights off. Each day the camp director will be able to take some time off as they can work it out, usually in the afternoon during sports sessions or in the evenings. They will also have one day off at the weekend.

Meetings and Performance Reviews

The candidate would be required to attend any meetings as set, which are generally during normal office hours. At TECS we furthermore believe in continuous professional skills development, and we require any new candidates to actively participate in our internal development training programme. Regular (usually monthly) feedback will be provided from the HO Director about job performance and objectives. The candidate will be actively involved in the setting of targets and the continuous monitoring and assessing of these targets.

Also the TECS HO Director will be available at all times to discuss concerns or problems that may occur. We welcome your frequent feedback on how your job is going for you.

Who are we looking for?


We are looking for a candidate with a genuine passion to succeed and develop professionally who would like to stay in touch with teaching English but would even more importantly like to take on a new challenge of recruiting staff and running and planning of summer and year round camps to the best possible standards.They must be someone who takes pride in their work and have a real ambition to be good at what they do. Also to fit into our ethics, they should be someone who can be passionate about their work and get a genuine buzz from triumphing in their tasks. We are looking for people to take the company forward rather than maintain where it is so, definitely the person must be someone who isn’t afraid of hard work and someone who can recognize that a job can be fun and rewarding.In short, the ideal candidate for us is someone full of energy, with untapped potential and is looking for a job that tests them but also one they can be passionate about.


  • All camp staff must be E.U. citizens or have valid work permit (N.I.E. or T.I.E.)
  • C1/C2 or native level of English.
  • A clear police record and proof of suitability to work with minors.
  • Experience working with children / Summer camp experience.
  • Working alone and being responsible for completing important tasks with limited support or supervision.
  • Working in a fast-moving environment where stress levels and responsibilities can at times be very high.


  • Summer camp management or D.O.S experience.
  • Experience of learning a foreign language and living abroad preferred.
  • A full hundred-hour TEFL qualification or normal school teaching qualification (if candidate has experience working with foreign language children)
  • At least one year’s teaching or TEFL teaching experience (although very strong candidates new to TEFL will be considered if they display the appropriate camp personality).
  • A College / University Bachelor’s in English or Spanish language or in Education.
  • A valid in date European Driving Licence.

What’s in it for you?

This position is a multi-faceted one that allows the candidate to gain a lot of experience in many areas and allows them to experience the benefits (and challenges) of each area. Not only will the candidate be able to develop and hone their skills in different areas of education but they will also learn and develop management skills such as the planning, organisation, man-management and recruitment involved in running camps.

Anybody in language education interested in becoming more involved on a different level will find this a rewarding position as it allows them to learn more about the running of summer camps.

TECS is run by dynamic people, and our enthusiasm and dedication to what we do makes that we have a lot of eye for detail when dealing with our students, clients, suppliers and staff. The successful candidate will find this a job they canWorking at TECSenjoy and care about and will find TECS a supportive and caring company (group of people) in which to develop professionally.

TECS Provides:

  • An international, passionate and dedicated work environment where people from different countries and backgrounds work together to provide the best English language programmes possible. You will find that we area hard-working team of young people, wishing to make every single student’s and staff member’s experience are warding one.
  • A supportive work environment and structure where we encourage people to develop professionally and personally during their time with us and become independent and proactive members of staff.
  • Training induction and continuous professional development (both in-house and external) throughout the year.
  • TECS covers transportation and entrance fees for the annual ACEIA conference in Seville in November. This is a conference focus on Language Academies, but the candidate will have the option to attend relevant/interesting sessions
  • Social staff events during the year, such as at Christmas and at the end of the academic year, amongst others.
  • The option of attending Spanish classes once a week.
  • Catered lunch supplied on-site 5 days a week.
  • Official Spanish contract with full Social Security coverage and full unemployment, hospitalization and pension contributions paid in by TECS.
  • The option of staying in the TECS apartment residence where some of our staff members stay for a nominal fee.

Conditions (Dates, wage, etc.)


Start date: As soon as possible

Summer camp: mid-june until mid-august.


  • Summer: End of summer camp until last week of september (6 weeks)
  • Christmas: School holidays (approx 15 days)
  • Easter: School holidays (approx 9 days)
  • Spanish bank holidays.


Base wage: €1260 gross / month

BONUS 1: Number of Camper

The following bonuses are based on the total number of campers we had the preceding summer. For example, if we have 650 campers in summer 2024, you would get a bonus of €3000 gross which would be divided out monthly during the October 2024 – September 2025.

Number of StudentsTotal BonusTotal Monthly Wage
500 campers€2000 gross
(+ €166,66 /month)
600 campers€2500 gross
(+ €208,33 /month)
650 campers€3000 gross
(+ €250 /month)
700+ campers€3500 gross
(+ €291,66 /month)
  • The year-round bonus will be applied if summer camp objectives have been met and expenses have been kept within budget.
  • This year-round bonus will be applied after summer 2024, after the first full non-training year round.

BONUS 2: Summer Camp Performance

The following once-off bonus will be applied after summer depending on how well the camp director performed and how successful camp ran. The maximum bonus is dependant on how many campers we had that summer:

  • 500 students = 200 Euros gross.
  • 550 students = 300 Euros gross.
  • 600 students = 425 Euros gross.
  • 650 students = 550 Euros gross.
  • 700 students = 700 Euros gross


  • Base: 1260 Euros gross a month.
  • Applying 600 student year-round bonus: 208,33 Euros gross a month.
  • Applying 600 student summer bonus: 425 Euros gross.
  • September pay: 1893,33 Euros gross.
  • October-August pay: 1468,33 Euros gross.

Other Conditions


We have a company apartment, affectionally called the TECS Flat, which we would offer to the candidate to stay in. The flat is a shared apartment where usually anywhere between 2-5 people will live in during the year. At certain points TECS may need to house a lot more people such as during training weeks or two or three weekends during the year. As a result the person would need to understand that they would be required to share a room whenever needed. For this reason the candidate would receive this accommodation should they want it at the very economical price of €150 per month, electricity, water and internet bills included. If the candidate ended up being chosen to be the “flat responsible” (looking after the house,communicating issues, getting rooms and things ready when people were arriving) then they would get the master bedroom, with an en-suite bathroom.


As our offices are based in a school, TECS offers its staff the option of having lunch on site in our school canteen Monday-Friday. During the summer camps the candidate would have all meals provided for while the kids were there.

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