Be Part of an Amazing Team

Be Part of an Amazing Team

Whether you want to be one of the 150+ staff on our summer camp, our year round team or our school camp team you will be part of an amazing group of like-minded individuals united in their commitment and dedication to doing the best job possible for their students.

TECS is a dynamic company that has been at the top of its field in offering language programmes for over 20 years. Everyone in TECS has been a monitor or teacher on our camps previously, meaning that we know first-hand what it islike to work on our camps and how to best train, prepare and inspire our staff to have the same amazing experience that we have had.

We are full of energy and have a true passion for our programmes, which we hope to pass onto you! We are a hard working team who genuinely strive to produce a great experience for our students. We believe that great staff are the key to running great programmes and we have the experience to help our staff to be dedicated, passionate unit that works well together to create the best programmes for our students, whilst also working in a fun environment.

Join the Team

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