Director of Studies/Centre Manager

This page is the complete description and details for the academy EFL Teacher position including job responsibilities, dates, wage, etc. At the bottom of the page you can apply online and download the complete pdf job profile.


Job Title: Centre Manager TECS-Central

Responsible to: Director of TECS Language Centre

Responsible for: Mainly for the high quality running of our Central Centre in El Puerto de Santa Maria, learning and well-being of the students and the development and training of the teachers.


Job Purpose:

  1. To oversee and ensure the highest quality of all areas of the centre
  2. To manage the staff on all levels of the job role.
  3. Holding a high standard of image and professionalism at all times.
  4. Making sure that the safety and well being of the students/ families is at a high standard at all times and that our high standards of learning English are up-kept.
  5. Being part of the TECS team contributing to the development and improvements of the centre and TECS Language Centres departments in general.


Job Outline/ Job Tasks in the area of Management as a Centre Manager:

Staffing – teachers:

  • Assist with Interviewing and hiring of teachers
  • Welcome new teachers and helping them to adjust to their surroundings and settle into the centre and the community
  • Manage teachers by supervising the following: yearly course contents planning, lesson planning, classroom management and rapport with students, appropriately graded language, assignment and checking of homework, evaluations of students, handling of misbehaviour of students, communications with students and parents, regular use of the online incident registration system, effective use of course material and other resources, performance of  monthly organizational duties, completion of attendance sheets, completion of daily lesson summaries and completion and filing of trimester reports.
  • Schedule teachers’classes
  • Lead Initial Teacher Training for your teachers and Lead at least one general induction session
  • Substitute for ill teachers or Find a Substitute and Arrange Material for substitution – sometimes meaning writing up a lesson plan for the substitute
  • Observe teachers both formally and informally, followed by feedback and continuous professional development.
  • Organize and oversee the Peer Observation Scheme in Trimester 2
  • Hold one-to-one Initial Feedback sessions with teachers after their first month.
  • Hold Teacher Mid-Year Feedback Sessions one-on-one with each teacher in February
  • Do Teacher “Professional Development Reviews” (feedback sessions) twice a year (Nov. and June), one-on-one with teachers to discuss their professional goals and steps towards improvement
  • Deal with any staff issues that may arise during the year
  • Write Informative Memos to remind teachers about important procedures/events
  • Write Teacher Meeting Agendas and supervise the assigned teacher who takes minutes in the meeting so that they are typed up and distributed after
  • Lead Teacher Meetings and at least one Development Session per year
  • Manage assignments for teachers whose classes are cancelled, for example: the collation of resources for young learners in homework/reinforcement classes
  • Coordinate teachers attendance to external teacher development conferences in Seville and Jerez (enrolment, transport, assigning teachers to all sessions) and attend the ACEIA teacher conference management sessions


Staffing – Receptionist

  • Work alongside the centre receptionist in the day to day running of the centre
  • Understand the functions and roles of the receptionist


Staff training and development:

  • Lead Initial Teacher Training for your teachers and Lead at least one general induction session for all teachers during training week.
  • Prepare and execute at least one Development Session per year
  • Observe teachers both formally and informally, followed by feedback sessions with them and continuous professional development.
  • Receive feedback from central office from their Quality visits and pop-in informal observations to deal with the relevant information in the correct way.
  • Organize and oversee the Peer Observation Scheme in Trimester 2
  • Hold one-to-one Initial Feedback sessions with teachers after their first month.
  • Hold Teacher Mid-Year Feedback Sessions one-on-one with each teacher in February
  • Do Teacher “Professional Development Reviews” (feedback sessions) twice a year (Nov. and June), one-on-one with teachers to discuss their professional goals and steps towards improvement



  • Do Level Testing (written and oral) of new students and correct written tests
  • Decide on levels for each session and assign teachers to them
  • Place students in classes according to level, age and recommendations of previous year’s teacher if they are a returnee, using the gestion de preinscripciones system
  • Use the Gestion de Inscripciones to place new students in classes
  • Confirm with students/families which class group the student is in
  • Supervise Course Contents being completed by teachers through the online system in September/ October and then that each teacher follows through with their plan, marking contents as completed each trimester.
  • Advise Students on progress, exams, self-study etc. and  Follow Up with students joining group classes late (November onwards) to ensure they catch up
  • Oversee the distribution and correction of initial and end of year exams and communicate the results to LC central office
  • Liaise with and Supervise the Exam Coordinator in the preparation, distribution and correction of practice exams (FCE, CAE, Trinity) to students
  • Oversee the preparation of students in class for exams such as Trinity
  • Attend Parent-Teacher Meetings as necessary for Mediation and Translation
  • Ensure that Student Self-Assessment is being encouraged by the teachers
  • Supervise Teacher-Student Tutorial Procedure twice a year (discussing student progress, needs, goals and satisfaction)
  • Supervise the distribution of Monthly and Trimesterly reports
  • Read through Trimester Reports to ensure grades and comments are appropriate
  • Supervise the Course Book Review procedure at the end of the year
  • Hold Student Promotion Teacher Meetings at the end of the year
  • In the case of ESUBO meet periodically with the ESUBO Head of Studies regarding student placement, progress and testing


Trinity Organisation for the centre

  • In coordination with the Central office coordinate and promote Trinity Exams in the centre
  • Organise the recommendation for all the students in the centre, by making sure that all teachers confirm a recommendation by a set date
  • Make sure that the teachers are preparing well the students for the exams, checking quality and knowledge.
  • Organize the Controlled written exams in the centre
  • Organize the teacher rotation of ushers and coaches for Trinity Oral exam week and act as a supervisor during this week for the exams.


Special events in the centre

  • Update organisational document for the centre following templates to make sure the event such as Christmas play, Trinity Awards Night, Easter egg hunt Parents night, TECS Fun Fair, end of year party/games are planned thoroughly
  • Run the meetings with the staff for these events to ensure all is well explained
  • Be responsible for the running of the event making sure has all organised and materials needed and ordered ahead of time, including coordinating with the site responsible to make sure we have correct facilities for the event and cleaning preparation for this is done.
  • Work with the Saturday Coordinator and Central Office in the planning and coordination of the Intercentre Competition Day.



  • Aim to achieve yearly objectives for growth and improvement
  • Assign teachers to classrooms and liaising with School Directors and Cleaners
  • Organize Company and Individual Classes for teachers
  • Write Circulars when needed for students with the assistance of the centre receptionist and oversee the distribution of circulars and mass emails.
  • Oversee the registration for external exams in coordination with the Exams Coordinator and Centre Receptionist
  • Maintain the teacher schedule and classroom schedules updated.
  • Ensure that stationary materials are ordered through the proper channels and supervise their distribution to teachers.
  • Order office materials and text books as needed and Supervise book arrivals, distribution and sales.
  • Write, Follow Up on and Update Student “Observaciones” in the online incident registration system and Finalize them when resolved
  • Supervise that teachers are updating or finalizing the  “Observaciones” (student incidents or ongoing projects) that they are responsible for
  • Check Attendance Sheets weekly to ensure that teachers complete them correctly
  • Check Teachers’ Student Evaluation Charts monthly
  • Check that Monthly Reports for Company and Individual classes are completed and turned in on time
  • Write Tutorial Results Report and Complete Statistics twice a year
  • Complete Trimester Summary Reports at the end of each Trimester
  • Lead Weekly Meetings with the Centre Receptionist to go over the calendar, observaciones and gestion de inscripcion
  • Attend Meetings with TECS Director of Language Centres every other week
  • Attend Monthly TECS Management meetings
  • Assist with ESUBO totalling of the number of hours to bill each month
  • Assist with ESUBO sit on both the external and internal oral exams board as needed and possible


Public/Client Relations for the Academy:

  • Do Radio and Television interviews as possible and as needed
  • Organize and proceed over Trinity Awards Ceremony, Christmas, and other Special Events
  • Attend to the Trinity examiner in the week of exams – picking up, dropping off, having lunch with him/her, etc.
  • Negotiating with a local pub to use as a meeting place for conversation classes and special events.
  • Contact students and their families as necessary for pedagogical concerns
  • Follow-up on Absences and Drop-outs


Teaching Role:

As per the teachers Job profile

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of our students at all times.
  • Commit to professional development through continued learning and mutual support and feedback.
  • Actively participate in improvement groups and teacher development sessions, attending at least one off-site teacher development conference.
  • Maintain a high standard in personal grooming and dress appropriately for the work you are doing.
  • Manage an annual course plan through our online system with Trimesterly objectives for all classes and update each class’s progress in the system.
  • Prepare professional and effective lesson plans for use in the classroom
  • Create original supplemental resources for use in class.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before each class and have materials and classroom prepared for when students arrive.
  • Use English at all times in and out of the classroom and restrict students’ use of L1 while using reward systems to encourage their use of English.
  • Teach extension activities, games and conversation classes on Friday afternoons
  • Complete attendance / lesson summary sheets daily in a complete and legible manner.
  • Monitor the progress of the students, giving periodic progress checks, keeping a record of progress made and correcting activity books and notebook work.
  • Evaluate students in different areas at least once a month and keep a record on the evaluation database.
  • Record student incidents through our online observation registration system.
  • Meet parents on parents’ nights and in 1 to 1 teacher-parent meetings, (arranged upon request of the parent or teacher) and then record the outcome of the meeting and action to be taken on our online incident registration system.
  • Encourage student self-assessment through learner surveys and portfolio work and carry out 1 to 1 tutorial meetings with each student twice a year.
  • Submit teacher-student tutorial forms (twice a year), monthly reports for companies and trimester reports for all students.
  • Supervise external exams such as the Trinity ISE and GESE exams in May and June including 1 Saturday in May.
  • In the case of off-site classes, provide own transport, arrive punctually and exhibit a professional demeanour at all times.
  • Participate in annual academy events organization and coordination such as the Halloween party, Christmas Play, Staff Trimester Social Events etc.


Job Review and Performance Management

Regular feedback will be provided by the Central Office and the Director of Language Centre about job performance and objectives.  Also the Director of TECS Language Centres will be available at any time to discuss concerns or problems that may occur.


Training week and preparation of centre responsibilities

  1. Take part in meetings held before the start of classes in the centre.
  2. Run allocated sessions of the teachers’ training week, especially on details for your own centre and in-house training to settle the teachers into the centre.
  3. Familiarise yourself thoroughly with all parts of the job before the start of staff training.


Other general director duties

  1. Be positively involved in professional development and be involved in development sessions for you as a manager and for the teachers of the centre
  2. Oversee all areas of set up and tidy up of the centre
  3. At ALL times be responsible for ensuring that ALL staff carry out their duties to the required standard.
  4. Meet as required with Director of Language centre to give updates and discuss any pertinent issues.
  5. Be the overall responsible for the centre
  6. Reading the manuals and familiarising yourself with all areas of the language centre before your arrival.


TECS provides:

  • Staff Polos provided and to be worn for set days in the centre
  • Management training in September and throughout the year
  • Staff Events during the year: bonding meal before the academic year starts with the teachers at the end of their training week, Christmas staff event, staff hike, and staff meal at the end of the academic year.
  • Knowledgeable year round central office management. The top management were ALL once staff members and mid-management themselves at one point.
  • Supportive management structure and Guiding hand on the rewarding path to professional development and personal development.
  • On-going, in-house and external teacher development opportunities with costs covered by TECS:
  • TECS pays enrolment fees and covers all transport costs for all staff who attend teacher/management training conferences in Seville in November and March and TECS supports and sponsors teachers who wish to give talks in these teacher training conferences.
  • We also offer in-house development sessions throughout the year led by our management staff or guest speakers.
  • TECS sponsors any further professional training (for example DELTA) that returning staff wish to undertake covering up to 50% of the cost of the course with the possibility of financing the other half on committing to stay on at TECS for the following two years and lead teacher development sessions
  • TECS management encourages teachers to set their own professional objectives and supports their work towards achieving those objectives through periodic one-to-one professional development review
  • Unlimited use of TECS EFL resources: We have a TEFL library with both digital and hard-copy reference and resource materials.
  • Access to the latest technology: TECS provides internet access to our teachers for downloading EFL resources and for completing course plans online through our website.
  • Group Spanish lessons free of charge in the centre




  • At least 6 years’ experience in full time classroom EFL teaching
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a DoS role
  • At least 2 professional and personal references
  • College/University Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • CELTA certificate (pass B preferred) or equivalent
  • E.U. passport or Spanish residence/work permit
  • Upper Int – advanced level of Spanish required.
  • A clear police record and proof of suitability to work with minors

* Note: a medical certificate is not necessary since TECS provides free, confidential and optional medical revisions



  1. Competent knowledge of Microsoft Office package and preferred experience of using databases.
  2. First class interpersonal skills, with ability to man-manage in a motivational and fair way which encourages staff to maintain high levels of performance.
  3. Very high level of oral and written skills including persuasion, negotiation and advocacy.
  4. The ability to manage continually conflicting priorities
  5. High energy levels and a young but responsible and mature outlook on life and work.
  6. A high level of Spanish in all skill areas and good knowledge of the customs and culture of Spanish people.



  • Commencement of Work:
    • Start work: 15/09/2015
    • Finish work  30/06/2016
    • Management Training: Throughout the month of September
    • Set Up of the centre: Throughout the month of September
    • Staff Training week: 21/09/15-26/09/15 (run by Language Centre Managers)
    • Language Centre Classes Start Date: 01/10/2015


  • Conditions:
    • Official Spanish 10 month contract working from September 1st, through June 30th, with full Social Security coverage, meaning all hospitalization/unemployment and retirement benefits paid in.
    • Paid vacation days are all national and municipal bank holidays plus Christmas and Easter breaks and 2 days at Feria.
    • Timetable: This full-time position equates to a minimum of 6 contact teaching hours per week and a maximum of 15 contact teaching hours per week, Monday through Friday.  That leaves a minimum of 34 hours per week for management responsibilities and class planning time to add up to a total of 40 hours a week.  The stipulated daily timetable is from 13.00 to 22.00 hrs. with an hour for lunch but this can change from day to day based on the needs of the centre.  The set timetable is only a guide, since with all management positions at TECS we all recognize that our timetables are flexible and that at key times the circumstances will demand that we put in more hours and at other times we will be able to compensate by working less hours with the 40 hour work week being a minimum.


  • Salary: The salary for this position for the 2015-2016 academic year position will depend on the candidates experience and knowledge, the bracket is between 1200€ – 1600€.


Management monthly wages as itemized on your payslip include contact and non-contact teaching hours, clothing allowance, and prorated Christmas and summer extra pay (paga extra navidad y verano)

This salary is in keeping with the amount stipulated by the current collective agreement for our sector (convenio de educacion no-reglada) and all items on TECS payslips comply with current Spanish labour law.



Any candidate that is asked to do an interview for any TECS position will be asked to do some pre-interview reading.  The reason for this is to allow the candidate to be as fully informed about the position as possible allowing them to display this knowledge gained about the position during the interview and also, perhaps more importantly for the candidate, allow them to check the position is really right for them

All manuals can be accessed at in the log in box in the right hand corner.  If you were invited to do an interview, you would receive the log in and password in the interview email.


The candidate is required to read the following prior to an interview:

  • Centre Managers Manual (review all)
  • Teachers Manual (review all)
  • Student Handbook (review all)




Any person contracted is required to read all the following manuals before starting (all these manuals are in the middle of being updated, so some are not updated for next year, but can still be reviewed)

  • General Manual
  • Managers Manual
  • Preparation set up manual
  • Saturdays Manual
  • Teachers Manual
  • Training Manual


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