Joe’s Mission Statement


After taking the next step in my career with TECS, working year round, I’ve found myself doing what I love most and that is putting forth passion, effort and education into providing a wonderful summer camp experience for Spanish kids and motivating staff.
As a year round coordinator, I want to be seen as someone who takes on new challenges and continues to take meet the challenges that arise within recruitment and development as a management position. I will commit to growing professionally within my supervisor position at TECS. I will put forth the extra effort into finding the best staff possible for summer recruitment while challenging them mentally during interviews to seek out the best suitable candidates.

As a teacher of my clases, I will make sure to make them fun and hardworking and challenging but also know my students and give support as needed. I want them to look at me as a role model but also fun and happy to be there with them during every hour. I will continue to impact my fellow staff by giving them support, advice and listening when needed to give them the feeling of assurance as my co workers.

While working on FIP´s, I will commit to being a mentor as a teacher and also devote the extra effort and hard work into the routine and timetable of the heavy weight given to run a non stop fun and educational FIP.

In my position as year round coordinator I will strive to make sure that I am continually improving my skills in handling tasks given to me while meeting the expectations of my job which include teaching English, recruiting staff and assisting with the running and planning of summer and year round camps.

Joe Martin

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