Inge’s Mission Statement

At TECS Summer Camps we believe that every child has it in them to learn a language and that as TEFL teachers we have a huge responsibility in making sure that every child is given to opportunity to excel and to improve their language skills. Language learning has to be fun, inspiring and rewarding and at TECS we strive to have all of our campers fully enjoy their language learning experience.

As teachers we have the challenging task to allow every child to learn within their own abilities and we have to instill a sense of self-worth and belief in every student, including those that learn in less-conventional ways or those that come classified by their environment as “slow learners”. No matter the child’s age, level or learning abilities, be that at the lower or higher end of the spectrum, we seek to inspire the child’s passion for the English language and offer them the opportunity to vastly increase their language skills during their time with us.

Over many years we have developed our own teaching material to motivate our students and to deliver fun and interactive classes and we constantly seek to be at the forefront of English summer programmes in Spain through our diversified English programmes in our different camps.

In short, as TEFL professionals in our summer camps, we all daily commit to the following objectives:
* Delivering high-quality English programmes, inside and outside of the classroom;
* An L1-free environment in our classes to maximize the exposure and practice of English.
* A striving to continuously improve as educators;
* Feeling responsible for our students’ learning;
* Feeling responsible for our students’ behaviour, attitude towards English and sense of self-confidence
* Giving each student the same opportunities, attention and encouragement;

As teachers we therefore have to constantly strive to develop our teaching skills and remain always alert to not just the needs of our students in terms of the content of our subject, but also their emotional needs, allowing them to develop a passion for English, to increase their sense of self-esteem, and to setting achievable targets to give our student a sense of achievement, however big or small this might be.

– Inge Hol, Director or TEFL

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