Enrique Bodega’s Mission Statement

My journey at TECS did not start as a staff member, but as a 16-year-old cocky camper. I must admit that coming to TECS was not my decision, I was pushed by my parents. I did not want to come to an English summer camp and I felt that TECS could not give me much as I felt my English was already more than good enough. I was obviously missing so much more and have been repeatedly proved wrong over the past 10 summers.
TECS have not only taught me everything I know as a professional today but I can also confidently say that TECS has made me the person that I am.

My journey as a staff member started in 2010, as an assistant welfare coordinator. It was just a summer job, I was making my way into med school and I was convinced being a doctor was my path. Yet again, I was proved wrong. After a few summers in TECS, working as a Welfare Coord, and Activity Coord and a Camp Director, I had found my passion for educating young children and I had found what has been my biggest drive since them: purpose. Purpose found thought being part of something bigger than myself: creating a safe and healthy environment than enables kids to develop as young adults and members of society.

In my role as Director of Welfare and Parental Communication I oversee the welfare and health areas of our summer camps ensuring the quality of the pastoral care provided to every kid in our summer camps in nothing but excellent.

I will push for quality in every moment of the camp routine I will make sure that every TECS staff member, from crew members to director, strive to achieve this top quality in every minute detail related to the campers emotional and physical welfare. Likewise, I will support those same staff members on every step along the way, given them the tools and the framework to excel at pastoral care.

I will pass on my knowledge, both as a camper and as staff member, to those I can influence so every monitor, teacher, coordinator and director at TECS summer camps can take care of every camper like if they were at home.

I will inspire those around me to care for the campers and to understand that the love and validation we can give every camper in camp can and will change lives.
I will never give up on any kid. Every camper deserves a chance to develop and to shine, no matter how difficult or belligerent they can be at times. I will not allow any TECS staff member to give up on a child and we, as a team, will put every ounce of effort, minute of time and year of experience and knowledge to bring the best out of every single one of our campers. Likewise, I promise to never give up on a staff member and always support them and guide them thought their journey in the welfare area on camp.

I will make sure that every parent feels listened and knows that we have lived up to the trust the put in us by giving us the chance to take care of their most precious thing in life, their children.

I will work tirelessly to ensure that every staff member has an excellent support network, someone that will shelter them from the strains of distractions like suppliers and parents, and someone that is always willing to listen and to give advice. I will expect every staff member in TECS Summer Camps to put kids first and to focus on giving them the best camp experience possible.

At the end of the summer I will look back and know that we have changed lives, that we have help developing the essence of our future, that we have not only given campers the most fun activity programme and the best English classes, but also, we have made them better people. I will know that every camper felt cared for like if they were home and I will know that they were healthy and happy during the 14 days they expend with us.
At the end of the summer I will look back and know that we have given the 1000+ kids that we had the privilege to educate the same chances TECS gave me as a teenager and young adult.

Year round, in my role as manager of the sales and client attention area, I will make sure that every family is given an excellent attention, that they are counselled all the way thought the sales process with honesty, care and transparency. I will not allow my team to lie, dismiss or mislead any family. Likewise, I will always be available for my team, I will make the time to pass on my knowledge and I will have the patience to give everyone the training and opportunities they deserve.

Working in a summer camp is a great privilege, we get to celebrate with our campers some of the most important achievement of their early life. We get to be educators, we get to me mentors, we get to be friends and we get to be role models. However, it is also a great responsibility, we need to know how to praise, how to guide, how to encourage, how to teach, how to enable and how to push. We have to be the guiding hand that supports them through two intense weeks of emotions, fun, learning and development.

I promise I will always put my heart and soul into helping every staff member at TECS summer camps to enjoy this privilege and to leave up to this responsibility.

Enrique Bodega

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