Doug’s Statement of Intent

By the end of the summer I want to feel proud of what I have achieved.  I want to be able to say I made a difference both directly and indirectly in the lives of our campers and the staff.  I need to know that I have improved as a leader, manager and even in a small way as a person.  I am committed to inspiring others willing to take on the values we have on camp and I will do my utmost, from my position, to achieve we all live up to these. Throughout my interactions with staff in general, I will strive to be fair and supportive but likewise I will never shy away from making decisions which may at first not be popular, if from experience and knowledge I know them to be in the overall interest of the greater good on camp.

At the end of the summer I want to know that my immediate colleagues in CO felt supported and inspired throughout, not just professionally but also personally when needed.  I want the directors to feel that my experience (wisdom) was passed on to them in way that helped them to live out their own objectives for the summer.  It is also critical to me that they know that I, and other members in C.O, will standby them throughout their struggles and challenges as long as they stay committed to doing their best.  I want coordinators and staff to feel secure in the structure that we have put in place, knowing that it has been put in place to best serve the needs of the campers.  I also want to have created a structure where staff will look up and see people who they wish to learn from professionally.

Most of all when I walk through the camps, I want to see the campers interacting with respect and understanding and showing a desire to better themselves in what we on camp call “educational development”.  Therefore by the end of the summer, I need to know with certainty that my direct and indirect influence was constantly pushing towards the honorable goal of educating, not just in English, but in values that, I believe, help make all of us better people.

Douglas Haines