What do I need to pack?

Camp is only a few months away! It’s time to get your suitcase or backpack out of the loft, dig out your summer clothes and start packing for the best summer you’ll ever have.

The question that’s on all your minds… what, oh what do I pack for a summer in Spain? Fear not, we’ve got the best TECS Summer camp packing list you could ask for. Let’s get packing!

Required Items:

Important Documents:

  • Everyone must come to camp with an official form of identification such as a passport.
  • For summer 2022 we will need you to present an EU digital COVID certificate that clearly states that you are vaccinated.


I thought the day of needing a mask were totally gone? Not yet folks…. Here in Spain you are still required to wear them when using public transport. That means that you are going to need to wear them to travel to/from camp, and also whenever we get on the bus to go on excursion or to the beach. That’s still quite a few times you’ll need to wear them!

Beige Shorts

Everyone on camp has to wear the uniform of the camp t-shirt or polo shirt and beige shorts. We provide the camp t-shirt and polo, but you should bring at least 3 x pairs of beige shorts.

Personally I like the ones with lots of pockets 😊

Sports or Closed Toe Shoes

It’s a summer camp where everyone at some point needs to do sports or activities. During work times you should be wearing some kind of closed toe shoe unless you’re on the beach or pool. It’s a safety thing.


Staff have got a laundry service once a week. It will usually get taken on a Wednesday and get returned a two-three days later.


Please bring plenty underwear, socks, etc.

Swimming Costume/Trunks

There is a lovely swimming pool on camp, and the beach is just down the road. One of our excursions is to a water park and another to do water sports. You’re going to need a swimming costume/trunks.

Let’s just remember that they should be appropriate for wearing when working with kids!

Flip Flops

So apart from wearing them on your time off, by the pool and at the beach, we recommend having a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower too.


Whilst we are in the sunny south of Spain, it can sometimes get a little chilly either at night or early in the morning. You probably don’t need more than one.


So if you’re a monitor you are going to sleep 5 days a week with kids. If you’re a teacher you will sleep in a teachers room most of the time (You still sleep in a room with kids 2 days a week).

Ya.. no sleeping in the nip! Please bring some appropriate night time wear, and bare in mind that it’s HOT at night.

Other clothes

Feel free to bring any other clothes you want for when you’ve got your time off, night off or day off!

A nice outfit

You might want a nice outfit for going out on your nights off. We also have a special end of summer staff mean at the end of the third camp where we get dressed up. If you work with teens then we have a gala night where all of the kids and staff get their glad rags on.



I’m not going to tell you what you need, but I recommend bringing only the basics to save room in your bag. We’ve got a LIDL and an ALDI less than 100 metres away from camp so it’s probably easier to go and buy your shampoo when you arrive.


I recommend having a towel for showering, and at least one other towel for the pool, beach, etc.


We’re going to have over 200 kids on camp at one time sharing the same facilities. It’s very important that you can tell the time and know when you need to move to the next activity or area. Also something that will wake you up in the morning!


Definitely not something you’ll want to find yourself without during the hot summer months. If you can take an extra cheap pair you have lying around, we’d certainly recommend it!

Sun Cream

Just like the sunglasses, please make sure you have this! The last thing you want is not to be able to participate in the activities because you have heatstroke or sunburn.

Travel Adapter

In Spain we use the European 2 pronged outlets, so bring an adapter to be able to be able to charge your phone. If you can bring an extra long charging cable it can help as often the plug won’t be beside your bed.

Home Comforts

Whilst you can make yourself feel at home with your coins, photos, flags & football shirts, your campers will also love getting to know more about you and where you’re from – so its win win!

if you’re from the UK/Ireland don’t forget the teabags!

Items to help you bond with the kids

Have you got a cool costume that you’ve worn at Halloween. Bring it! Dressing up is always a fun activity at camp! Do you play the guitar? You can bring it and play some tunes for your campers.  

European Health Insurance Card

If you’ve got a European Health Insurance card or E111 then it can be a good idea to bring it just in case.

What NOT to bring:


Fragile or valuable items

To put it simply: If it’s something you can go to camp without, and would be upset if it got lost/broken/dirty either at camp or on your travels, it’s best to leave it at home!

Some teachers or coordinators like to bring their own laptops as they use them in their classes or activities, etc. and that is fine.

However, TECS cannot be held responsible if anything happens to your property.  

Too many clothes

Remember that most of the time you’ll be in your camp uniform, so you just aren’t going to need 50 t-shirts and 40 pairs of shorts.

Hair Dryer

Leave the hairdryer at home. Not only will it save you tons of space in your luggage, but you’ll barely use it! You’ll be too busy having fun to worry about your hair. Plus it’s sunny in Spain so it’ll dry naturally!

P.s. no we don’t  have any on camp.

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