The Key to ¨Staying Fit¨ on Summer Camp!


How to stay healthy on Camp?!  ( in other words Fit with a capital F )


Staying healthy is a big part of our society nowadays. Some agree and some disagree but living a healthy life leads to a healthy future both mentally and physically.


Well we know from experience here at camp that many people find it challenging to stay healthy at camp, with strict meal plans and being vegan or non-dairy or gluten free it’s hard to accommodate all of our staff the diets they come here hoping to receive. We do our very BEST to ensure our staff are fed in some kind of very similar plate that is requested based on their diet.


Apart from diets we have people that come here having NO CLUE what Spanish food is! It’s not easy to transition from having all the food you want handed to you from a typical university buffet or supermarket where you can buy LITERALLY anything you want when you’re hungry. Well it’s not that easy at camp at times..

Some ways to overcome either gaining lots of weight or losing weight would be eating more often. We have supermarkets in towns nearby or walking distance. You need to consistently stay hydrated. The weather is hot and the sun is scorching and the humidity drains the energy levels, but having the right energy in your body from essential foods and water for hydration you are bound to stay one HAPPY STAFF MEMBER!

Here at camp we have countryside locations in the mountains and hills that continue to go up and up. We also have very spread out facilities with lots and lots of stairs and a lot of the time you are going up and down all day long and constantly on your feet. This is bound to keep you in the shape you expect but if you’re not getting the right sleep it really catches up to you!



Some real honest but true ways to stay fit are:


Avoid drinking lots of soda from the vending machines! It’s great until you crash from the sugar and its very bad for your teeth!

Instead of eating crisps stick to fruit!

Many staff get the munchies throughout the day and when they get down time to relax its those hard cravings for junk food which end in picking the worst item possible from the vending machine!

You don’t always need seconds!

Food is filling in summer and often you don’t always need seconds so think of it like 4 to 5 meals a day in good proportion!! Eat enough but don’t overdo it. Especially if you have to be walking around a lot immediately after lunch!


Use your time break time to sleep and get a good night’s sleep! Sleep contributes to energy and energy comes from rest and diet!


Wash your hands and constantly use hand sanitizer as staying clean and having good hygiene leads to good health!

Many staff will underestimate how many germs really spread around in summer camp here by touching handles and kids coming with colds it’s bound to pass on to someone else!! I highly recommend keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your room!


Late night refrigerator munchies:

Many staff find their solution to hunger after a good ol’ night out of partying to come back and raid the left overs in the fridge and canteen. Ideally this isn’t good but we all love those late night snacks after a good night of dancing!

In other words don´t be this person



Sharing drinks with other staff:

The title says it all but the more you ¨share¨ with someone else for example a bottle of water or can of coke you´re  bound to get some kind of illness that eventually gets passed around at camp..


Change your bed sheets.

Often, staff will forget to change their bed sheet because the cleaning ladies will leave them on the bed and they will just toss the sheets into a corner. You contribute lots of dirty fluids or germs in your sleep and its hot and the rooms are not very aired out so trust me, it can be very healthy to sleep in clean sheets !



In summer these things are everywhere and they are unforgivable when it comes to red bumps all over and many people have allergic reactions from them so bring some kind of cream!



Having the right clothing for nights off is essential, because even though the heat is insane here, some days the nights get very cold and you don’t want to wake up with a head cold or flu at camp!

Wash the Gunk out of your hair!

Gunk is good but it also can get you really ill if you’re not careful as it is truly disgusting!

Singing Camp Songs!!

Camp chants are a great way of exercise especially if you are that camp staff member that really gets into the song and goes BANANAS!!  B-A-N-A-N-A-S


These are just from our staff experiences and little bit of knowledge I want to share with you if you are that person that wants to stay fit like myself! 🙂 

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