Tecs Excursions!

What is the first thing you think of when you think of excursions? A shore excursion from a cruise ship in the bahamas? a time to get away from the school grounds? All of these are possible ideas! I remember growing up as a kid in the states we had ¨field trips¨ which were similar but in a different name but I knew it was time to leave the classroom and be outside!

Here at tecs summer camps we have the highest feedback from our excursions! We provide transport and quality into a safe fun filled excursion, with safety and care of every one of our campers!


Agenda: Excursions – What are they?marismadetoruno-pinardealgaida15-2

  • Our nature park here in Cadiz where kids can ride mountain bikes and go kayaking and ride the tram and see the nature!

A super fun and education full day experience in various regions of Spain offered by our company to fulfill the child’s memory of everything they did that day on camp!

The BEST time of the camp is Saturday’s excursion departures!

Excursions are the best part of the camp because the kids get to leave the facilities and go to a new place together as a group! Excursions take place in a variety of locations all over Andalucía region of Spain and north of Spain known  as castilla y leon.

A Flash back of excursions done at our summer camps!

  • Santi Petri where water sports and sun tans come nicely!


  • Pre-warning: If you make it to this excursion bring EXTRA sun cream because it’s very very hot and no shade!!


  • Crocodile park exhibits and feeding frenzy, Malaga


Water Sports Extravaganza in the mountains of Cadiz! 



A Piece of Gibraltar Where monkeys see monkeys do!


Isla Magica in Seville where thrill seekers meet their makers!


Bus Bonding time on the way to Excursions!!


Warner Bros Theme Park!!! Madrid, Spain


Jerez ( Cadiz ) Zoo! You can look but cant touch!


These are just a handful of excursions we offer here at Tecs Summer Camps but we strive to make them the best experience for the kids and our staff!

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