Top 15 Gift Ideas for Summer Camp Staff!

1.) A GO PRO!  –   


Maybe your staring at this photo wondering why would you need this camera when I got an iphone 6s? Think twice. Want incredible photos and videos with an easy to carry lightweight grip? This is is your go to device for summer! Go pros capture EVERYTHING! This little device is powerful enough to get that extra crisp recording or photo of every detailed moment you have on camp! Who wouldn’t want a nice HD video super high tech megapixel camera to share some of the best memories from camp for friends. This is your go to camera staff members! 


Oh and if you really don´t believe me check out this video below recorded on a go pro and click HD!



2.) Face Paint 



Whats better then having all kinds of face paint for decorating yourself and the campers faces like ENGLISH DAY and ARTS AND CRAFTS time! 


3.) Beige Shorts 



   Beige shorts are key to cleanliness and they feel so crisp once you put on a new pair! I must say these are my favorite classy uniform look in the summer! If you don´t want those tan lines just roll them up! 

4.) GUNK 



What is Gunk? Its essentially a bunch of sticky and dyed liquid that is made and stirred for over 4 hours and contains smelly nasty slimy chunks of … well you just have to find out! What we do with it is even better… We throw it on our staff the last week of camp! Its our tradition! 

5.) Friendship Bracelets!

A great way to connect with staff and campers and you can wear them the rest of your summer or even longer!! 

6.) Suncream! 



When we are located in a sunny beachy area like the south of Spain we have plenty of sun and you need plenty of protection! Sunblock is a great gift! 

7.) Bruise Cream



When you play sports all day and your jumping up and down and rushing to meetings and wake up after crazy nights out your bound to end up with some bruises on your body so these are some top recommended gift ideas! 

8.) Throat Lozengers


What is needed more when your are shouting all day singing songs on top of chairs or getting campers attention! These are a must to the list of gift ideas! 

9.) Ear Plugs



Its been a long day on camp and some nice shut eye is just what you want and need! Ear plugs is a must for staff when you just want that extra bit of sleep! 

10.) Air Fresheners 


Its hot. Its stuffy. The rooms will smell and you need that extra bit of freshness in the air when you are sleeping. Strongly recommended for all staff! 

11.) Fake Tan 


Yes. You read this right. Maybe its not on your list of care package essentials but fake tan is a must for this uneven tan lines that build up from wearing polos all day and short shorts while you are on the beach. 

12.) Mosquito Repellent 

In a humid area like the south of Spain mosquito repellent is your best friend for night time because trust me THEY WILL find somewhere to bite you and it will itch constantly! 

13.) Face Wipes 


 These keep your face nice and clean and after a sweaty day and your sun cream/face paint is stuck on your face this is exactly what you need!

14.) A Picture Frame 

photo frame.JPG

A picture frame is something everyone loves alongside their bed. Its really nice to look at a family photo or funny photo before you sleep and also show your friends! 

15.) Camp T-Shirt/ Tie Dye Shirts


Its always nice to have a funny camp t shirt to wear round! Why not be creative and take/make one to sleep in!


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