The Anticipation of Summer Camp:

Is it crazy to say that summer camp is only 6 months away and I still wear my summer camp polo from last summer whenever I get the chance? Well if you’ve worked a summer camp before then it’s an obvious NO!  When you’re gradually falling into the “camp life” you can’t help but keep your expectations high for the next summer full of memories to come! Some say it’s like the anticipation of Christmas or waiting up all night for Santa to come. 6 months may seem long but the summer is one of the best times of the year here in El Puerto de Santa Maria. I already have a calendar ready with the countdown! The amount of work that goes behind the scenes is relentless. As a year round staff member we are constantly promoting ideas to improve summer camp. With all the fun and hard work we get from the life as a camp monitor or teacher or driver or coordinator or director you are guaranteed to come home with plenty of moments to share


As summer gets closer, you are constantly thinking oh my god its almost summer again I am going to be living on site with lots of new people and I have no idea what to expect at camp! Am I going to like it? What’s it like? I had my interview and got accepted now the anticipation sets in! All these questions you can find on the home page but you are sure to have the best summer of your camp experience if you give it a try with a 110%! I love the adrenaline rush of being thrown back into the camp mentality. Singing songs at lunch. Making the kids laugh in chill out time. BBQ on the beach. Excursions to Aqualand ( which is literally 15 minutes away )! The excitement never lightens up! Looking forward to the best time of the year which is summer and with the memories you will end with its no doubt an endless summer full of fun and hard work and making a difference in a child’s education. I am sure you will end summer on a good note with the anticipation already setting in for the following summer like us!




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