9 ways that summer camps are great for letting out your inner child

So apparently letting your inner child out is good for you! Well one of the best things about working on a summer camp is that you get to be a bit weird…. and it’s ok! Honestly, the things that staff get up to on camp is a bit odd but it’s ok when it’s on camp. Nobody looks at you weirdly or judges on camp! Some of the examples:

#1 Camp Songs

One of the weirdest things about camp at the very beginning are the songs. all of the time. But then you go home at the end of the summer and you can’t stop singing them all the time!


#2 Camp Chants

What’s the difference between a song and a chant you say? Well….. I’m not really sure! I guess in a song you at least pretend to have some musical ability, whereas with a chant you just scream with all of the passion you’ve got for your colour, house or camp!




#3 Dressing Up

So there is one thing that happens in every summer camp ever in the entire world, and that is dressing up! Be it face-painting, costumes, whatever. In order to be a summer camp you must have some form of dressing up – by the kids and staff. If not, then you’re just a summer school (that is the official difference).

Not just dressing up, but at some stage every summer there must be a male staff member who cross dresses. Ever year! What is it with guys wanting to put on a dress???


#4 Being Messy

Well you get a set of 4-5 Colour War t-shirts and your 3 pairs of beige shorts and you where them day-in-day-out. Well you get a used to just being a bit messy! Look how happy everyone is though!

#5 Gunk Night

Gunk night is literally the best thing about summer camp ever! The kids vote everyday for 2 weeks for one staff member to have a big bucket of gunk poured over the heads. Bit by bit you see your name getting more and more votes and the pressure builds up. Staff start launching “Gunk for______” campaigns. Then is the big casino night evening ent when the final votes when the kids get to get their own back on one unlucky staff member (usually their favourite). The big moment comes and the staff member gets gunked AND RUNS AFTER EVERYONE LOOKING LIKE SOME KIND OF SLIMY MONSTER!!!

#6 Colour War

Ah Colour War……. Ever felt national pride? Or pride for your club or school or whatever it is? Well multiply that by a hundred and you’ve got Colour War! You’re either on the White Team (scum) or the Blue Team, and once you’ve got a team you’re with that team for ever. This will be my tenth summer on camp and I’m still Blue Team. Wait. I’m a manager and I’m neutral. Ya right! COME ON BLUE TEAM!!!!


#7 Jokes that are only funny when you’re there

I don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation or whether it’s because you’re with the other staff all of the time and become way too close. But you just become a bit wacky and some jokes are just not funny in the real world.

If you haven’t been to a summer camp don’t you judge!!


#8 Camp Band

Why people decide to make a boy band or girl band together camp I couldn’t tell you! But they do! And they’re not good.

Boy Band

Except for Ella and the Dreamweavers… They were actually great!


#9 Weird Games

So you’re with these kids all day long and you need to keep ’em entertained, so you end up being pretty inventive!!!


Miss summer camp, or want to let out your inner child?

Apply Now!

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