Testimonial: Grace Fennelly

I first heard about TECS summer camps from a friend who convinced me that I would love it- she wasn’t wrong. I decided it would be cool to do something different with my summer and as I have always enjoyed working with children, the addition of the sunny south of Spain proved idyllic to say the least.

From the very first day of training week we had formed a family, I know- very cliché, but none the less true. The people I worked with last summer on camp were amazing with passions and values similar to my own which made the late nights and early mornings all the more doable. I really loved how nobody took themselves too seriously and as a result we were never short of laughter. I couldn’t have imagined how close I would become to a group of children and colleagues in just two and/or four weeks. I managed to form bonds with children that are never far from my mind and in these instances I was reassured that working with young people is what I need to continue doing as it’s so rewarding. The camp experience was fulfilling, so much so that I had forgotten that we even got paid! A job I would do for free is the perfect job and working as a TEFL and camp monitor was that for me.

By having the opportunity to both teach as a TEFL monitor as well as work as a monitor I got the best of both worlds. As I am training to be a teacher in Ireland I could appreciate the fun-filled environment TECS aim to create in their classrooms. Learning doesn’t stop once the children leave their morning classes however as the work of a monitor is also to teach English through various activities. For me this was fantastic as I’m a bigger kid than the campers at the best of times! I threw myself whole heartedly into the chants, constant singing and even embraced being thrown into the pool during activity sessions!

I had an amazing summer and because of that I am eager to return and meet new people, make a difference in the lives of the campers and ultimately give them the summer they will never forget. While the tear twinged goodbyes at the end of each camp were bitter sweet, they were however, the reassurance that we had done our job to the best of our ability by giving those campers a memorable fortnight in Little Village! I would recommend a summer with TECS to anyone considering summer camp work, you will learn things about yourself you never knew existed as well as making a difference in the lives of some pretty fabulous children.

– Grace Fennelly

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